[Accessibility] Draft Minutes 22 December 2004 Accessibility Call - vers. 2

Doug Beattie dbb at beatties.us
Fri Dec 31 08:56:13 PST 2004

Accessibility Conference Call Minutes 22 December, 2004

Attendees: East to West -
Gunnar Schmidt
Matthew Wilcox (Willy)
Janina Sajka
Kris Van Hees
Doug Beattie
Earl Johnson
Sandy Gabrielli

Posted Agenda:

1. Welcome and Agenda Review

***     Request a scribe for today's call. ***
	Doug acted as scribe.

2. Review of minutes
	No objections - Approved as posted.

3. Action Item Review
	Janina continuing to work with FSG (Janet) and NSF to get the
	funds so we can lock in flight costs. Still working on this.
	No funds actually available yet.
	John will track funding a payouts to report back to NSF.
	Some may be electronic funds transfer to travel agents from
	FSF. Other may be reimbursements after the travel. Some may
	not have the float to do this and may need to receive funds
	prior to traveling.

        Brief progress reports for open items

4.      Old Business
        January Workshop Preparation:
	Hawaii Conference -
	Those in HI have gotten flumotion up and running, but the
	system doesn't have sound or video cards for it (64 bit).
	Need PCIX card. Willy says PCIXpress is not compatible but
	that if it is not pure, but PCIX, we could use a PCI card.
	Sandy should look into this.
	George has the web site up with the info.
	Phone conferencing looks to be okay, but not fully tested
	because of lack of time so far.

        Invitee funding decisions
	We have about five more people who would like to attend if
	they were paid for than what we have funds for.
	Gunnar, his brother, Janina, four developers from Czech,
	should	be approved along with another ten people.
	Janina suggests letting these people know to book and
	then be reimbursed and telling the others they are on hold.
	Kris asked this be done as soon as possible so the people
	on hold, that later may be able to go, will not have higher
	travel costs.
	Earl proposed to reduce the time, Janina would make the list
	and inform people who will be coming. Janina will send out
	information as to who has been invited and who has been put
	on hold.
	No one opposed Earl's motion.

        Agenda tweaks -- Braille vs. V2
	Bill LaPlant will not be able to travel to the face to face.
	Janina suggested moving V2 to the end of the week and having
	Braille up front. We still need to look at V2, but with Bill
	not in attendance it will be more for information sharing at
	the end of the conference. It still needs to be more widely
	adopted. Gottfried Zimmerman may be doing a remote video
	presentation for us on this too.
	We will wait to get others back before we finish this
	discussion about where the Braille gets placed. This will
	be fine tuning only to the agenda. We should still publish
	what we currently have for people to review.
        Agenda: Moderators for Sessions
	Janina would like to put people names to all the sessions,
	even for those not on the call. There needs to be an owner
	of even the breakouts so all will be prepared.
	Tuesday - okay - owner for every session.
	Wednesday -
	 I/O: Review candidate APIs, requirements
	  Janina will get one of two possible people take over.
	 AT-SPI: brainstorming regarding dependencies/validation
	  Bill to pass this to someone of his choice at his option.
	 I/O: speech audio; console / terminal environment
	  Marc Mulcahy
	Thursday -
	 V2: Intro/discussion/response
	  Janina, until she reassigns this to someone else.
	 BIOS, Kernel
	  Proposed to have Willy, but we will need to move the
	  breakouts to the 10:15 time and the V2 to the 13:00 time.
	 XServer, Remote Access
	  Peter Korn (for now.)
	 I/O: Magnification
	  Bill Haneman (unless he passes this to Peter.)
	 Speech: API for TTS
	  Marc Mulcahy
	 Logistics: resourcing, creating specs, planning
	  George Kraft
	 I/O: Magnification continued
	  Bill Haneman (unless he passes this to Peter.)
	 Speech: Interfacing with Audio Servers
	  Marc Mulcahy
	 Logistics: resourcing, creating specs, planning continued
	  George Kraft
	Friday -
	 I/O: braille TTY, lib braille
	  Janina Sajka
	 Future issues / what's missing
	  Neil Scott
	 I/O: Outcome of breakout groups, speech/audio/braille, 2005 roadmap
	  Janina Sajka
	 Summary / 2005 Roadmap
	  Janina Sajka

        Agenda: Call for Papers
	In the past George has said:
	"To upload your presentations for the upcoming FSG Accessibility
	 Workshop, then FTP to ftp://ftp.freestandards.org then put you
	 files in the incoming/a11y directory."
	"Alternatively, you could upload you presentation via the GForge
	 Documentation Manager.
	 I believe you would need to create yourself an FSG account, then
	 email me your ID so that I can add you to the "accessibility"

5. New Business
	George suggested in a previous meeting we consider meeting
	again at the Ottowa Linux Symposium (OLS) in July. This could
	be a followup to the January meeting. We should start thinking
	about getting this on our schedules. (It would be good to have
	breakout sessions, but possibly a general session to get with
	the general community.) Willy suggested booking something as a
	BOF. Willy has taken the action to take charge of this and
	schedule for us once the group decides what it would like to do.

6. Identify key items for the next agenda.
   Our next meeting is Wednesday, January 5, 2005.

7. Adjourn


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