[Accessibility] Draft meeting minutes- Feb. 25, 2004

Bill Haneman Bill.Haneman at Sun.COM
Wed Feb 25 12:54:54 PST 2004

John Goldthwaite wrote:

>Janina- No, it cleared up after I left. There is a person from the EC that’s
>interested in the project.  He is from the radical party in Italy.
>Doug- Have you talked to the group from Spain?
>Janina- no, I heard that there is a group at OSCE that is doing things with
>Linux but I haven’t met them.  Has SUN been working with them?
>Peter- not on Linux, we had a project on Java. 

> O’Reilly has put all its
>books on Bookshare.
>Janina- That’s great. I need to talk to Jim Fruckterman, they have a problem
>with one of the conversion utilities for Daisy.
this was me also:

>Bill- if a contact with Tim O’Reilly is useful, he welcomed a meeting.
>Janina- there is going to have to be a book about what we’re doing.  Talking
>at the O’Reilly conference would be a good place to talk about moving from
>the theoretical to the practical.  O’Reilly has always been supportive, we’
>ve always been able to get ASCII from them.  Well, see you next week.

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