[Accessibility] Re: Accessibility Q&As

Bill Haneman Bill.Haneman at Sun.COM
Fri Jan 16 13:22:00 PST 2004

Hi Peter, Janina, Doug, ... all :-)

The replies to question about community response feel a little heavy and long-winded to me, at least in the context of an initial press release.  No offense intended - I am notorious for being long-winded!

I don't have the time this moment to give the reply the attention it deserves, but can we just say something to the effect that:

* the FOSS community has felt strong resonance between accessibility issues and its own mission for a long time;
* individual accessibility efforts have been under way for awhile too;
* critical mass has been achieved due to the focussed effort and dedication of particular individuals and companies, including Sun
* the "independent efforts phase" of Linux/FOSS accessibility is now maturing into a more integrated, platform-pervasive phase in which accessibility is addressed at all levels of the desktop
* the time is right for standards devekopment and certification efforts which will be key to the success of these "big picture" accessibility efforts.

or something like that, maybe even more succinct.

best regards,

- Bill

"'janina at rednote.net'" wrote:
> Hi, Peter:
> I don't disagree with anything you're saying. How can we work this
> in--without giving the impression that it's actually finished work, but
> important work in progress that's building toward a comprehensive goal....#

Bill Haneman 
Gnome Accessibility Project
Sun Microsystems Ireland

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