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Janina Sajka janina at rednote.net
Mon Jan 26 06:50:27 PST 2004

The following is something I cannot check into further, as I don't have
access to the Chronicle of HIgher Education. Is anyone able to get this

I'm not sure where, exactly, we might intersect with this open source
courseware project, but I think we might want to explore this at the
very least.

Four universities announced collaboration on the Sakai Project,
designed to create open source courseware tools and related software.
Access to the software will be through an enhanced version of uPortal.
Sakai will also use the Open Knowledge Initiative, a collaboration
among universities to support educational software. The University of
Michigan at Ann Arbor will lead the Sakai effort, along with the
Indiana University system, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology,
and Stanford University. The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation provided $2.4
million for the project, and each of the four partners is providing
services worth about $1 million over two years.
Chronicle of Higher Education, 22 January 2004 (sub. req'd)

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