[Accessibility] Jan. 28 2004 draft meeting minutes

Doug Beattie dbb at linkexplorer.com
Wed Jan 28 16:01:15 PST 2004

Just a couple of minor corrections/comments below:

On Wed, Jan 28, 2004 at 06:37:55PM -0500, John Goldthwaite wrote:
> Accessibility Working Group Meeting January 28, 2004
> Doug Beattie
> Sandy Gabrielli
> John Goldthwaite
> Bill Haneman
> Randy Horwitz
> Earl Johnson
> Peter Korn
> Scott McNeal
Scott McNeil
> Janina Sajka
> Gunnar Schmidt
> Matthew Wilcox
> Allen Wilson
> Janina- check on a11y.org, calls to each member, talk to Mario about having
> discussion on Shared I/O on Feb. 11
> Agenda-
> Report on Linux World, NSF proposal and resource planning
> Reports from 3 working groups
> Minutes from last meeting approved as proved.
> Action items:  Ephraim has given the NSF proposal to his supervisor for
> review and approval.  No news on licensing from U. Wisconsin.
> Scott: PR effort, the press release went out on Wednesday the 21st, the
> first day of the conference.  The San Jose Mercury News did a good article
> which was picked up by Detroit Free Press, Infoworld, Wired, Linuxworld +
> others
> Bad news, the quote sheet was not attached to the press release when it was
> sent out.  It was handed out to press in hardcopy and electronically.  Want
> to put it on the website (already there).  Other organizations tried to
> attract the press and didn’t do as well as we did.  Pretty happy with the
> way things went.
> Peter- Keen to get it out and to get it much more prominently displayed on
> the website.
> Scott- set up webpage so that you get a different quote on the page, change
> every time it refreshes.  A11y.org is working.  We need to get a11y.org in
> addition to www.a11y.org.
> Janina- would like to call each member to talk about each person’s role in
> the project; what we’d like to do.  Will make these calls over the next
> couple of weeks.  We want to get everyone’s talents engaged.  Thinking about
> how to organize for now; could we go round robin with one of the groups each
> week. We covered keyboard last time, we need to touch base with Mario on the
> Shared I/O – driver stack.
> Peter- there are some open issues.  Not sure what the next step on AT-SPI
> is, that’s probably a good reason to have the discussion.
> Janina- We’ll work on AT-SPI next week and try to get Mario for the
> following week.  We need to hear from NSF so that we can make plans about
> the meeting.
> Peter- on the website press release, there are no frames.  How readable is
> the webpage for screen readers with nav bars on both sides.
> Randy- I didn’t have any problem reading it with JAWS, can’t speak to
> Windoweyes.  We aught to have a skip to link,
> Peter- I was worried about how it renders in Lynx.
> Janina- I use Lynx and haven’t had a problem using it.
> Janina- we worked on FAQ’s, would it be useful to send time on it?

> Bill – I think we need to work on some of them.
> Doug- lets keep working on it on the list and get it finished up.
> Janina- I think we were about 85% complete.  I think I threw the last wrench
I believe Janina said she thought it was around 95% complete. Janina?

> into it by rushing the last question and not giving credit where it was due.
> Let’s work on it and talk about it next week. Janina will the next cut at
> the answers and put it on the list.
> Randy- would like to see more information on the page for 1st time visitors.
> Janina- we could use links to some of the legislation,  similar to Gnome
> site
> Bill – if you see things on the Gnome site that needs updating please
> contact me
> Scott- we want all the work groups to have a similar look and feel.  We want
> all the sites to meet the letter of the law and be useful.
> Bill- has an accessibility checker been used on it?
> Scott- yes, the developers were told that it needs to be accessible.
> Bill- problem on the ? work group site, they are using a graphic login to
> defeat spammers.
> Janina- I didn’t find a lot of access problems with our page or with the new
> LSG page. I couldn’t read anything on the i18n page.
> Scott- i18n has a new web page, I’ll send you the url.  We would like people
> to try the pages with various access checking tools and send us comments.
> Janina- there is a forth coming Microsoft Accessibility study that will be
> published in February
> Peter- there is an effort for a new switch input standard for USB ports that
> ’s been put forward by Randy Marsden of Madentec.  They are trying to move
> away from keyboards and mice.  Although they are looking at this from
> Windows/Mac view point the product should be useful on our systems as well.
> Do we want to define a new USB device HID or do we use a general device?
> Janina- do we have a usual approach on that?
> Peter-   if the option is to define a new HID or to use  
> Bill – the X server is usually responsible for interacting with HIDs.  Its
> convenient for the device to emulate keyboards and mice and allow redirect.
> If a totally new device is defined on USB, there would be more work for us.
> We’d have to define the device or create a new library.  Are they going to
> do a superset of USB or do something entirely new.
> Peter- That is what they are discussing.  We have to deal with the fact that
> Windows is the dominant platform for switch use.  
> Bill – there is a generic HID interface available in X input 
> Peter- its being used as the mouse button input – perhaps we don’t want to
> do the deep dive here on the call 

> Janina- I’ve gotten a dozen or so people who have asked from more
> information about the project.  Do we want a list that’s announcement only
> for people that just want to track want we’re doing?
> Scott- That would be a way of dealing with email that’s not appropriate on
> the list but still keep people informed.  We could make the minutes
> available.
> Janina- comments?
> John Goldthwaite
> Center for Assistive Technology and Environmental Access, Georgia Tech
> john.goldthwaite at catea.org
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