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John Goldthwaite john.goldthwaite at catea.org
Thu Jul 8 13:34:24 PDT 2004

The prior documents mentioned several funding mechanisms with no
explanation.  Here are the definitions for those grant types.

EU IST funding Instruments

Specific Support Actions - Single or multipartner activities. Intended to
complement the implementation of FP6 and may be used to help in preparations
for future Community research policy activities. Within the priority themes,
they will support, conferences, seminars, studies and analyses, working
groups and expert groups, operational support and dissemination, information
and communication activities, or a combination of these. Up to several
hundreds of thousands of euros (100%). 1-3 years

Co-ordination Actions - aim to promote and support the networking and
coordination of research and innovation activities.  They will cover
activities such as the organization of conferences, meetings, the
performance of studies, and the exchange and dissemination of good
practices.  Up to several hundreds of thousands of euros (100%)

Specific Targeted Research Projects (STREPs)  Multipartner research,
demonstration or innovation projects. Their purpose is to support research,
technological development and demonstration or innovation activities of a
more limited scope and ambition, particularly for smaller research actors
and participants from candidate countries. They aim at improving European
competitiveness or Meeting the needs of society or Community policies. They
can take the following forms of An RTD project designed to gain knowledge or
improve existing products, processes or services or a demonstration project
designed to prove the viability of new technologies but which cannot be
commercialized directly.  2-3 year,  up to several millions of euros, grant
with cost sharing, min. 3 partners from 3 diff member states (MS) of these 2
must be state entities.

Networks of Excellence (NoEs) - an instrument for strengthening excellence
by tackling the fragmentation of European research.  NoE are designed to
strengthen scientific and technological excellence on a particular research
topic. They aim to overcome the fragmentation of European research by
networking together the critical mass of resources and networking the
expertise needed to provide European leadership.   5-7 years, Millions of
Euros, Min. 3 partners from 3 MS of these 2 must be state entities.

Integrated Projects (IPs) - an instrument to support objective-driven
research, where the primary deliverable is new knowledge.  Their main tasks
is to deliver knowledge for new products, processes, services, etc
contain a research component; may focus on technological development or
contain demonstration components.  Min. 3 partners from 3 MS of these 2 must
be state entities., usually 3-5 year but no limit, $10M+ euros

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Center for Assistive Technology and Environmental Access, Georgia Tech
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