[Accessibility] A11y Teleconference Agenda: Today's Call

Janina Sajka janina at rednote.net
Wed Jun 16 10:00:04 PDT 2004

Announcing the 16 June 2004 meeting of the Accessibility Workgroup

IMPORTANT: Please note the new teleconference phone numbers below.

Please RSVP so we can know when those attending have called in.
This will help us start the meeting without unnecessary delay.

 Wednesday, June 16,  18:00 UTC
   --   20:00 CEST (Berlin)
   --   19:00 BST  (London)
   --   14:00 EST  (New York)
   --   13:00 CST  (Chicago)
   --   12:00 MST  (Salt Lake City)
   --   11:00 PST  (San Francisco)
   --   08:00 HST  (Honolulu)
   --   03:00 JST  (Tokyo -- 04/05/27)

Phone/Passcode -- TODAY'S CALL ONLY
 Dial-in North America:	US:	(866) 839-8145
 Dial-in International:		+1 (865)-524-6352
passcode:			6560654#

Our thanks to Peter and Bill for arranging this teleconference facility for our meeting.


1. Welcome and Agenda Review

2. Review of minutes from our last meeting

3. Action Item Review

	Brief progress reports for open items

4.	Old Business

a.)	Replacing our 800 service -- Bill Haneman & Peter Korn
b.)	Team Checkins:
		Shared I/O

5. New Business

6. Identify key items for the next agenda.

7. Adjourn
				Janina Sajka, Director
				Technology Research and Development
				Governmental Relations Group
				American Foundation for the Blind (AFB)

		Chair, Accessibility Workgroup
	Free Standards Group (FSG)

Email: janina at afb.net		Phone: (202) 408-8175

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