[Accessibility] meeting notes for 3-24-04 with Bill's edits

John Goldthwaite john.goldthwaite at catea.org
Thu Mar 25 05:40:33 PST 2004

Thanks for correcting those.  I knew I hadn't gotten it correctly but I hate
to stop the conversation for a clarification.  How would the group feel
about recording the meeting so I can proof from the recording?  I could
erase the recording after we'd approved the minutes.

Accessibility Working Group Meeting March 24, 2004

Doug Beattie
John Goldthwaite
Bill Haneman
Earl Johnson
Janina Sajka
Gunnar Schmidt
Sharon Snider
Kris Van Hees
Allen Wilson

Minutes for March 3 and March 10 approved.
Review of CSUN-
Meeting on the keyboard interface at CSUN with Earl Johnson and Alan Cantor.
Alan discussed Window manager navigation, application navigation, and ?
navigation.  How programmers can make sense of the various ways to doing
things.  Alan was proposing a way of pulling things together that makes
sense for application developers, toolkit developers…
Bill- those sort of issues are worth talking to the usability and HCI
leaders at Free Desktop and Gnome.  You won’t be able to do anything unless
they go along.  The a11y folks don't have much leverage in this area, as
it's "owned" by usability/UI/HCI from the perspective of most of the
communities.  (One thing worth capturing is that there seemed to be
consensus that this area is out of scope for our group at this time.)

Janina- I suggested that he look at emacs – that it has all the features he’
s looking for.
Allen-  is presentation available?
Janina- He thought there was some intellectual property there but he’s
willing to talk more about it.  Alan has done a lot of work on accessibility
and in training for rehab. Professionals.  I didn’t see any next steps for
us.  Peter and I did the presentation.  Randy also attended.  We got a good
turn out – about 40 people;  a fairly informed group who understood what we’
re doing.  A couple of  IBMers- Cynthia Ice were there.
CSUN was interesting as usual.  Previews of the MacIntosh approach to
accessibility which looked a lot like the Gnome approach.  Meet with Mary
Beth Janes and agreed that they would think about joining our group.
Allen- the Mac didn’t have keyboard navigation build in.
Janina- they were calling it a spoken interface not a screenreader.
Allen- U-follower – follow the focus – no keyboard navigation built into the
Janina- it appears to be built into Coca – if the developers use Coca they
get accessibility.  There were a number of new devices- a new Linux based
cell phone from Spain.  More managers were there such as Mary Beth’s manager
from Apple.
Earl- Adobe is starting an effort for standardizing PDF.  They are talking
about making PDF open source.
Bill- I'd love to know what this means ("open source") since it doesn't
necessarily mean "meets FSG licensing requirements".
Janina- there are several versions of that article out, one has a lot about
accessibility, the others don’t.

Earl- a growing number of larger companies are taking CSUN as an important
show.  Janina- Somewhere to validate what they are doing with consumers.  On
our proposal- we have a checklist from NSF – some things need more
specificity.  They want more details on how we will be spending the funds
and about what industry will be funding.  There is a check list in the
attachment to the meeting announcement.  Is this something we can split up
and complete?  The important thing is the financial information.  Can
Jeannie work on this?
Doug- I’m not sure about Jeannie’s time right now, it would be better if the
group could handle it.
Allen- what sort of break up?  What’s wrong with the current proposal, does
it need to be re-written?
Janina- no, but we need to be sure that it follows this outline.  They are
used to looking at this format so we need to be sure they can find the
information quickly.  We need a plan for recruiting participants from under
served communities.
John – I can help with the recruiting plan.  We need to an idea of who will
have funding and who doesn’t.

Janina- its hard to pick a date, NSF seems to take several months to make a
decision.  They said 6 months but may take longer.  Earl do you fly?
Earl- I could.  I’m willing to work with you to get the proposal into their
format.  We need to set a deadline to get that done.
Janina- I’d like to get most of it done to share with the group next week so
we can turn it in to NSF in early April.
Bill- it asks about recent meetings on the topic, should we count these
audioconferences? Janina- I think so but its clear we need a face to face.
We need some time to get into the detail like we did with the AT-SPI.
Earl- what do we want to use as the date and the location.  Should we take
that off line?
Janina- I think we should use their 6 month time so that we’d give us
October – December time frame.  We have the choice of Hawaii, Almaden and
Atlanta for locations.
Earl- method of announcement?
Janina- we want to determine among ourselves who we want to be there and
proactively fill those slots.  We need Bill and Gunnar for Gnome and KDE.
If we want to handle magnification we’ll need to reach out to someone in
Bill- influential folks in the desktop X community seemed inclined to drop
Xkb; missing from recent X server developments. We need to make sure that we
explain why XKB is important to us
Janina- that’s why Honolulu may be a better draw so we can get those folks
to attend and hear why xkb is important.  There also some things that we
didn’t budget – transcription
John- we may need captioning for hearing impaired attendees.  We would get a
transcrition as a byproduct.  We should budget for it just in case someone
needs it.
Janina- Honolulu could be fairly affordable according to Neal’s folks.
Would the distance be bad for people from Europe?  It’s a bad time shift for
Bill- where Europe is concerned we should look at who we should target.  It’
s a small list.
Janina- I think they would come.
Earl – how many would be attending
Janina- at least 20.  We say 20 to 30 in the proposal.
Bill- what do you think I can help with on the proposal?
Janina- thanks Bill, the main thing is whether Sun will send you to the
conference.  If you would make sure the discussion of the technical content
of the conference is correct.  Earl and I can start the proposal and we can
do; then get a draft to you.
Earl- are you looking for an idea of whose companies will be able to send
Janina- yes,
Earl- how many days are we talking about?
Janina- We said 3 days earlier. We want to have time to flesh out the
roadmap.  We ran out of time doing the charter so we should revisit the
roadmap to make sure there aren’t other things we need to add to it.  We
want to look at magnification, how do we handle it.  We need to look at
technical matters but also how to engage the X community.
Bill- we’ll be transitioning to a point where we have useful implementations
of some key dependencies for magnification.  We should have at least one
candidate implementation of some key magnification features then.
Janina- that will make it easier to have the conversation.  We’re just about
out of time, we’ve got a good idea about what we need to do next.  One more
thing from CSUN-  There is a wide sense that low vision isn’t being handled
as effectively as it should be.  They think the screenreaders are doing a
better job than the enlargement products.

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