[Accessibility] draft minutes May 5, 2004

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One update on the point I was making towards the end:

On Wed, May 05, 2004 at 03:23:51PM -0400, John Goldthwaite wrote:
> Accessibility Working Group Meeting May 5, 2004
> Doug Beattie
> Harald Fernengel
> Sandy Gabrielli
> Bill Haneman
> Randy Horwitz
> Earl Johnson
> Peter Korn
> Bill LaPlant
> Janina Sajka
> Sharon Snider
> Kris Van Hees
> Deedra Waters
> Matthew Wilcox
> Allen Wilson
> Janina- next week is AT-SPI and two weeks is xkb then the whole group will
> get together in 3 weeks.  We have three or four new people who are not
> familiar with what we’ve been doing.  The best way to come up to speed- how
> about a couple of sentences about each project.
> Standards method- published specification, methods of testing so you can
> certified that you meet the specification.  Three first year projects
> Doug- also comply with the GPL licensing.
  Doug- The standards/specification and test tools provided are freely
        available and for the use of both commercial and non-commercial
        use without retrictions.
> Bill Laplant- one of the reasons you go through the formal standards
> procedure is that it gives you immunity for antitrust.
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