[Accessibility] Keyboard enhancements meeting update

earl johnson Earl.Johnson at Sun.COM
Tue May 18 17:39:49 PDT 2004

Hi All;

I need to cancel the "sort of scheduled" keyboard enhancements 
meeting this Wednesday at 11PT for 2 reasons:
- I haven't sent the updated features spreadsheet for review
   ahead of time
- I'd like Mark Novak, who worked on AccessX and the equivalent
   on other platforms, to join us; he's not available tommorrow.

I think the next task [see below] should be done by the sub-group 
instead of taking the time of the whole workgroup. I'll be happy 
to give an update of our activities at the following meeting.

To the Keyboard Accessibility Sub-Group;

A. Next sub-group meeting task:
   1. Do a feature review and a walkthru of XKB to identify
      missing routines and start tying XKB rountine[s] to user
	a. I'll send the updated spreadsheet this weekend.

   2. Please identify the following
	a. Are you on the Keyboard Accessibility sub-group alias?
	b. Do you know the email address for the sub-group alias?

B. When do we meet?
   1. Will Wed, May 26 at 1000 PST/1200 CST/1800 BST work?
	Just before the regular meeting
   2. Will Wed, May 26 at 1200 PST/1400 CST/2000 BST work?
	Just after the regular meeting
   3. If neither, what other day/time combos do work for you?


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