[Accessibility] Keyboard Accessibility sub-group mtg

earl johnson Earl.Johnson at Sun.COM
Wed May 26 19:14:31 PDT 2004

Hi Keyboard Accessibility sub-group;

I can't do a 6/2 meeting, I'm in a workshop that day. Will any of 
the following slots work for you?
Thurs., 6/3 	- 8:30-11:00PT [difference: London - +8hrs,
				Chicago - +2hr]
Fri., 6/4	- 9:00-12:00PT
Mon, 6/7	- 9:00-12:00PT
Tues, 6/8	- 10:00-11:00PT
Wed., 6/9	- 10:00-11:00PT


NOTE: sub-group members should receive 2 emails; if no, go to the 
following URL to sign up to the sub-group:


Next Meeting's Agenda

Based partly on today's discussions and the NSF proposal; here's 
the tasks I see ahead for the Keyboard Accessibility Sub-Group, 
please feel free to add or expand on the following:

A. Next sub-group meeting task:
   1. Do a first pass on determining where other Linux offerings
      are wrt XKB support.

   2. Re-visit what A1q1Y support is in jeopardy of being pulled
      from XKB.
	a. Figure what our next step here needs to be.

   3. Do a feature review and a walkthru of XKB to identify
      missing routines and start tying XKB rountine[s] to user
	a. I'll send the updated spreadsheet this weekend.

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