[Accessibility] Keyboard Accessibility sub-group mtg

Bill Haneman Bill.Haneman at Sun.COM
Thu May 27 04:41:56 PDT 2004

> A. Next sub-group meeting task:
>   1. Do a first pass on determining where other Linux offerings
>      are wrt XKB support.

"other" ?

XKB is currently bundled with most (all?) linux distros.  It may not 
always be on by default, should we recommend/require that?

>   2. Re-visit what A1q1Y support is in jeopardy of being pulled
>      from XKB.
>     a. Figure what our next step here needs to be.

Fortunately the momentum seems to be in favor of the XORG foundation 
"monolithic" server codebase at the moment, which does include XKB, as 
opposed to a split between the "monolithic" and "modular" codebases.  
Upshot is that both flavors are expected to be based on a harmonized 
codebase which includes XKB.  We need to be vocal in identifying the 
parts of XKB that are "important" for accessibility, but the immediate 
risk/threat seems diminished.

>   3. Do a feature review and a walkthru of XKB to identify
>      missing routines and start tying XKB rountine[s] to user
>      feature.
>     a. I'll send the updated spreadsheet this weekend.

Earl: I wouldn't worry about the "UI component" part of the features - 
in fact I would recommend dropping all references to the actual UI 
components used to present the features.  Instead I'd focus on the 
"behavioral" features exposed to the user, and, where applicable, the 
"range of values" allowed.  i.e. "SlowKeys feature on/off; continuously 
range of delays from 0 to 3000 milliseconds", etc.   Info like "SlowKeys 
and BounceKeys are mutually exclusive" or "SlowKeys and BouceKeys can be 
used together", etc. is probably of value.


continuously variable [y/n] or discrete values [stepsize=?]?
min value, max value
limitations or restrictions



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