[Accessibility] Accessibility meeting 11/03/04 draft minutes

John Goldthwaite john.goldthwaite at catea.org
Wed Nov 3 12:18:39 PST 2004

Accessibility meeting 11/03/04

Doug Beatty
John Goldthwaite
Earl Johnson
George Kraft
Janina Sajka
Gunnar Schmidt
Matthew Wilcox
Allen Wilson

Minutes:  10/26 minutes approved as submitted.

Agenda- invitee list, agenda, meeting logistics, plan for test of Fluendo
for video streaming.
Janina- a first cut attendee list was posted on Friday.  Janina sent
invitations to all but one of the list.  All the people that are regulars on
the calls will also receive invitations.  Funding is available as needed if

George- is this a list for invitation or invitation and extend assistance?
Janina- its just an invitation,  we will handle the assistance separately.
Expect that people that want to attend and don’t have corporate funding,
will ask about funding.
Earl – how are we going to suggest new names?
Janina- let’s do that on this call and new week’s call.
John- have we done any research on Linux projects from China, Japan, India,
and Korea?
Sandy- we meet with the Linux people from China and India, Neal has to pull
those names and send it to Janina.
Janina- I haven’t called my contact at Japan who has good contacts
throughout Asia, at least on accessibility and AT if not Open source.

Janina- George made a suggest about the reception – he suggested Monday
evening.  That allows us to meet each other in  social setting for we get
down to work.
Sandy- that sounds like a good idea, are we looking for funding for dinner
Janina- probably standup snacks and lubricants
Earl-  I like the idea of getting together first but some people may have
flights that get in after the reception.
George- I had suggest Monday,
Doug- If George could talk about the FSG and the process that could answer a
lot of questions.
Janina- we scheduled time for that on Tuesday morning.  We also need to
bring people up to speed on accessibility.  Some of the people are not
working on access yet.
People that need large print- here is what can be done in Windows, we can’t
do that in Linux.  Show where we are in several areas- speech, keyboard..

Earl- there was a discussion about position papers, are we still going to
require that from each person?
Janina-  good question,  we have relatively little time to cover all the
topics.  We want to lay  out what needs to be achieved.  Position papers
could cover some of the items so we don’t have to do it during the meeting.
Earl- so its going to be optional?
Janina- yes
Earl- one aspect, this talk is for accessibility novices – these are the
tools and how they interact with the operating system.  Do we need some more
advanced sessions?
Janina-  I’m not clear that it’s a good idea to do it on Monday afternoon or
Earl- instead of pre-conference, it could be a breakout session on Tuesday
John- we could send out some material on accessibility and AT before hand
and hope that they will read it.

Allen- are we inviting anyone that will need this kind of remediation?
Janina- there are a couple of people that have not worked on AT.  I’m
running out of my ability to explain the features we need to do a screen
magnification like Zoomtext.
Allen- if we are going do a session .. cover it during that session.
 George - they may only want to attend on the day that is covering the area
of concern to them.
Janina- if we get good attendance in the meeting as needed that would be

Janina-  we could do magnification and shared I/O at the same time, these
are different groups of people.  Possibly on Thursday.

Earl- this impacts in the Xserver.  Xserver plays a role in magnification,
as do other components.  
 short circuit some discussions

Janina- is the list of topics for the agenda that I sent out a good place to
start- list of roadmap items.
Earl- if you’d like, we can get together and flesh this out.   It would help
explain for some of the people we invited who aren’t in AT, why we invited
Janina- sounds good, tomorrow afternoon?
Earl- Friday is better.
Janina- I think we should be able to finish the agenda shortly.  We’ve got
day one.  We’ll have a day for Bill on AT-SPI.  There is an ISO
specification on software accessibility.
George- its ISO – 16071.  Ergonomics of human-system interaction – Guidance
on accessibility for human-computer interaction.   George sent a link to the
ISO catalog.

[ a copy of the final draft of TS16071 is available on the European Design
for All e-Accessibility Network (EdeAN) website  www.edean.org   Go to the
Standardisation area,  a pdf document is in the Documents section-
datscgn051_TS_16071.pdf ]

Janina- we could talk about it as part of the intro, before George’s
discussion on FSG.
George-  I’m going to cover what is the FSG, what we’ve done with LSB and
how accessibility fits.  You want to know what the relationship to ISO
Janina- I think its knowing where we fit in with other standards- whether
its complementary, competing.   Complementary in the sense that we implement
this thinking but I don’t think they are looking at ADI.
George- we can cover what are FSG strength and what ISO’s strengths
Janina- FSG has standing with ISA
George- yes, 

Janina- when we do a V2 presentation- that’s another standard on its way to
ISO certification.
George-  this ISO specification covers all these features of the operating
system.  This is the open source twist to that.
Janina- there are some fundamentals that we need to make sure to cover.  The
human needs haven’t changed even though  the OS may change.  Some of the are
making into standards.  So how do we want to structure 
 did we make a
decision on the reception?
Earl- it sounds like we having the reception so everyone will meet each
Sandy- we could pick a restaurant and see if everyone will meet there.  Are
we all staying in one hotel?
Janina-  have heard from 
Sandy- if we pick somewhere in Waikiki.
Earl- some near the hotel or hotels would be good
Janina- possible a restaurant in the hotel
George – is the community College in Waikiki area?
Sandy- its on the other side of Honolulu, near the airport

Sandy- we will be in Building 2, we’ll have the room for teleconference and
we will have a breakout room.  If we need three breakout rooms we can use
the computer room.  We need to decide as we get the sessions schedules

which will be teleconferenced.
George- is that the Architectural engineering building?
Sandy-  if you are on the HCC website. Click on CTATT link, that is the site
we’ll be using.  I’ll look for the link to the map.
Janina – if there is a wider view that shows where HCC fits in relation to
Honolulu and Waikiki, that would be great..   Earl you and I will get
together Friday to see which groups will be attending and we can get a
better idea about the break out sessions.
Sandy- what time are you meeting?  I can join you if needed.
Janina- we’ll set the time up on the list so we don’t take any more time
with this.
Who could test Fluendo?
Sandy-  I was going to do it but if someone could install it that would be
Janina- I want to test accessing it in the command using the script we got.
So we tell people how to access it when we announce the conference.  We want
to know that the system
Doug-  If it doesn’t require too many changes to the firewall, I can install
it and try a broadcast.  Does anyone know what firewall ports are required?
Janina- Anything else we need to cover today?
Earl-  we talked about a pre-conference session and decided against it other
than a social meeting at a restaurant.
Janina- we’ll meet again next week and we should have most of the agenda
Earl- any comments on the activity at IDEAS?
Janina- we had a good panel but I didn’t see much of Peter’s presentation.
I think we covered the topics pretty well.  It is a small conference but I’m
glad Open Source was there and had a presence.

John Goldthwaite
Center for Assistive Technology and Environmental Access, Georgia Tech
john.goldthwaite at catea.org

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