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EDeAN: New message on SIG Standardisation: ISO/IEC Establishment of a
Special Working Group on AccessibilityNote- they mention FSG accessibility
as eligible for membership in the ISO working group
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-SIG: Standardisation
-Topic: ISO/IEC Joint Technical Committee 1: Establishment of a Special
Working Group on Accessibility
-Subject: 'ISO/IEC Establishment of a Special Working Group on
-From: Jan Engelen

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Following its meeting in Berlin on 25 - 29 October 2004, the Joint Technical
Committee of ISO/IEC issued a resolution stating its intention to set up a
special working group on Accessibility.

The (provisional) terms of reference, including a list of potential members,
are given below.

If you are interested to participate, please let me know so that I can put
forward the list of names/organisations to the SWG convener, Karin

I hope that several of EDeAN, AAATE or other members are willing to support
international standardisation work through participation in this newly
planned group.


Jan Engelen

Resolution 24 - Establishment of a Special Working Group on Accessibility
JTC 1 believes that the work in the area of information communication and
technology standardization for accessibility is a major undertaking,
encompassing many international, regional and local interests. Additionally,
there are significant standards efforts taking place in ISO, IEC, ITU and
the national and regional standards bodies as well as various consortia/fora
and user [groups?].
As identified in its long term business plan and to be responsive to
international, regional, national, and end user requirements in the area of
accessibility, JTC 1 establishes a Special Working Group on Accessibility
with the following Terms of Reference:

The SWG will:
1) determine an approach, and implement, the gathering of user requirements,
being mindful of the varied and unique opportunities (direct participation
of user organizations, workshops, liaisons);
2) identify a mechanism to work proactively between meetings to make forward
3) gather and publish an inventory of all known accessibility standards
4) identify areas/technologies where voluntary standards are not being
addressed and suggest an appropriate body to consider the new work;
5) track public laws, policies/measures and guidelines to ensure the
necessary standards are available;
6) through wide dissemination of the SWG materials, encourage the use of
globally relevant voluntary standards;
7) assist consortia/fora, if desired, in submitting their specifications to
the formal standards process.

Membership in the SWG will be open to:
* ISO/IEC JTC 1 National Bodies and Category A Liaisons
* ISO/IEC JTC 1 SCs with accessibility efforts or concerns (such as SC 35,
SC 36, SC 37)
* ISO or IEC TCs with accessibility efforts or concerns (such as ISO TC 159)
* ITU-T SGs with interests/efforts in accessibility
* Regional standard development and support organizations with accessibility
efforts/concerns (such as ICT SB DATSCG, ETSI HF, ITI, ANEC, CEN TC 224)
* Representatives of consortia/fora (for example, but not limited to) W3C's
WAI, FSG, [e?]Accessibility Workgroup, the International Ergonomics
* Consumer Organizations and User Representatives (the SWG will be
responsible for determining the most appropriate method to identify and
engage such recognized activities)

The SWG on Accessibility will meet twice a year. To demonstrate the
achievements of the group, a status report will be submitted to JTC 1 after
each SWG meeting as well as at each JTC 1 Plenary.
The US will serve as Secretariat and Karen Higginbottom is appointed as
JTC 1 invites the SWG to review, modify and confirm these Terms of Reference
during its initial meeting.

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HERMES Webteam

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