[Accessibility] Draft minutes for 11/17/04 Accessibility workgroup

John Goldthwaite john.goldthwaite at catea.org
Wed Nov 17 12:41:11 PST 2004

Accessibility meeting 11/17/04

Doug Beattie
Sandy Gabrielli
John Goldthwaite
Bill Haneman
Earl Johnson
Randy Horwitz
;Peter Korn
George Kraft
Janina Sajka
Gunnar Schmidt
Matthew Wilcox
Kris Van Hees
Allen Wilson

Minutes:  11/10 minutes approved as amended.  At end, comment from Randy
when he’s not attending, probably Allen-
Janina- Adobe will be releasing a PDF reader based on Gnome.  Beta release
at the end of December.  -  They announced a Reader 7 release.  It will be
proprietary like all their products.
Randy- do they plan to add a self-voicing option?
Janina- I didn’t ask that, I’ll contact her and find out.
Earl- how will it be distributed?
Janina- don’t know.  I asked if the authoring tools would be moving to
Linux.  Not yet, just the reader for now.
Bill- I had a problem with the passcode.
George- we’ve been having problems with pass codes being stolen so I sent it
directly to each of you.
Sandy- need to leave early.  I did forward the agenda changes to Janina and
Earl but Janina’s bounced.   We did select two hotels, I’ll send that
Janina- do we want to make a change in the call in information.  Are we
expecting changes.
George- the phone number and pin should stay the same for at least a year.
I’ll email it out to each of the attendees directly.
Doug-  we’ll leave the phone numbers in the announcements but not the pins.
Janina- Okay.   The hotels – Outrigger $89 and Prince something $125.
Earl- how far is it to the university.
Janina- its about five miles so we’ll to take a van or taxi.  Its also not
the best end of the beach, but we’re not going for the beach.   We’re
working on testing the teleconferencing capability.  We’re working for
Doug- I checked on Speech-to Signing service from Sorensen Group.
Janina- won’t have this real time .

Janina- I’ve talked to everyone on my list and have 2 strong maybes and a
probably not.  I’m working on the B list but can’t get to my computer which
I am rebuilding.

Janina-  two things that we should do this week: the draft agenda, the
attendee list on the blog.
[A and B list discussion]

Kris- are we making a list of the people that will be attending?
Janina- all of the work group is invited, the RSVP signup list will cover
Gunnar- perhaps we should lead an email to the list so that people who aren’
t reading the minutes know they need to RSVP.
George  – I’m sending the email

Janina- look at the draft agenda,   Bill, we’re expecting you to fill in
some details for Wednesday – the AT/SPI day..
Earl- the newest items that have been added are on Thursday and Friday.
Janina- thanks to Allen for providing more structure for those sections.
Allen-  the updated topics list wasn’t set out.

Bill- why is UI design included?
Janina- in terms of the future/ looking down the road,  we have the V2
specification that is moving JCTP 1.   Its in there as a follow up to the V2
discuss which will be an engineering view.
Bill-  This needs to be a deep technical dive on the accessibility issues.
It may take two weeks if we go through these topics.  Need to be careful
about the amount of time we spend in lectures.
Earl- which topics should be the deep dives?
Bill- AT/SPI and shared I/O needed to be talked about.  We also need to talk
about magnification.  These need to be handled as a whole and not a
breakout.  We  need a breakout on AT/SPI.   We have three groups.
Janina- we’ve got 1 group that has done spade work.
Earl- we have names for three maybe a fourth groups.
Bill-   breakouts for shared I/O and AT/SPI are needed

Allen- do we need more than a full day on AT/SPI?
Bill-  AT/SPI needs a breakout, but that could be on Wednesday.  We can’t do
what we need to do on AT/SPI in a 1 day plenary.
Janina-  If you could give us a breakdown on which part of the day you want
as plenary and which as breakout.  I don’t have a problem with more time for
AT/SPI on Thursday or Friday.
Bill- AT-SPI  needs a breakout and a plenary following the breakout.  How
much time, I’m not sure.  I have that as my action item for organizing.

Bill- V2 is important enough that we need to know if we need to respond to
it.  What is alternative input?
Allen-  head trackers, alternate pointing devices
Janina- those could be discussed under shared I/O
Bill- concerned about discussing things that don’t have implementation
Janina-  its something we need to for our sponsor to cover some of the
things we proposed.  If we can get,

Bill- the most difficult area and most critical ones what we should address.
Allen- we need the AT-SPI time information before we can continue with
revising the schedule.
Janina- if there are other topics that we should cover please let me know
Earl- we also need to have attendees that can address the issues so keep
that in mind.
Janina-  same time next week – Thanks all.

John Goldthwaite
Center for Assistive Technology and Environmental Access, Georgia Tech
john.goldthwaite at catea.org

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