[Accessibility] A11y Teleconference Agenda, Wednesday 24 November

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I will be out on vacation this afternoon, so will not be able to attend.


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Wednesday 24 November

Announcing the 24 November 2004 meeting of the Accessibility Workgroup

Please RSVP so we can know when those attending have called in.
This will help us start the meeting without unnecessary delay.

 Wednesday, November 24,  19:00 UTC
   --   20:00 CEST (Berlin)
   --   19:00 BST  (London)
   --   14:00 EST  (New York)
   --   13:00 CST  (Chicago)
   --   12:00 MST  (Salt Lake City)
   --   11:00 PST  (San Francisco)
   --   09:00 HST  (Honolulu)
   --   04:00 JST  (Tokyo -- 04/11/25)

Toll Free Number:   877-930-0325 (United States)
Toll Number:        712-421-9395 (International)

We're no longer publishing the pass code. Please send email if you need a
reminder of the pass code for this call.


1. Welcome and Agenda Review

2. Review of minutes

3. Action Item Review

                 Brief progress reports for open items

4.               Old Business

                 January Workshop Preparation:
                 Continue to Develop Agenda
                 Continue to develop invitee list
                 Discuss individual followups with invitees

5. New Business

6. Identify key items for the next agenda.

7. Adjourn

Sajka, Chair
 Accessibility Workgroup
Standards Group (FSG)

janina at freestandards.org                 Phone: +1 202.494.7040

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