[Accessibility] draft notes Accessibility meeting 11/24/04

John Goldthwaite john.goldthwaite at catea.org
Wed Nov 24 12:18:22 PST 2004

Accessibility meeting 11/24/04

Doug Beattie
Jonathan Blanford
Sandy Gabrielli
John Goldthwaite
Bill Haneman
Peter Korn
Janina Sajka
Gunnar Schmidt

Minutes:  11/17 minutes approved.
Bill distributed a draft agenda for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
Added 3 breakout sessions Wednesday afternoon for AT/SPI , shared I/O and a
possible logistics section.
After lunch change topics to review I/O issue, then have breakout on I/O. On
Thursday we will bring our breakout work back to the main group and present
it.  That leaves Thursday afternoon open.  There are only two plenary
sessions, we had three.  Are two plenaries and a breakout for I/O enough?
In the plenary, we will discuss how AT/SPI fits into our strategies and the
issues that need to be dealt with.  Other issues can happen in breakout.  We
know there are some challenges and concerns on how to turn AT/SPI into a
valid spec.  Its is a bit different from other specs.
Janina- Yes how to define something that can be done in a reasonable time.
Bill- and how to do it in a way that satisfies the whole community.
Janina-  those are the two questions
Bill- in this proposal, the breakouts run into dinner so if we get some
productive discussions they can continue at dinner or the bar.
Peter- what is the focus of the reception on Thursday
Sandy- welcome to Hawaii kind of thing
Peter- seems a little late to have the Reception if its to get to know
Janina- we could move it back to Monday night.
Peter- What about the user group activity?
Janina- it will be on Friday before during the other conference event.

Peter- I’d rather end early on Friday, than have the reception.
Sandy- staff need to change schedule so that everything shifts back by half
an hour
Sandy- I like Bill’s break out suggestion.
Peter-  me too.
Bill-  there are people with expertise that be coming who very technical.
We need to begin working resourcing.  How do get resources and what do we
need to do for planning,  essentially the non-technical questions.  We can
cover these in a breakout. Although it is a topic everyone is interested in,
it will be better use of the technical people’s time if don’t do all the
details in a plenary.  It would save time and that committee can report the
break out to the whole group.  George could be strong in that area.
Janina- we can look at it next week
Bill- I brought X server issues into Friday.  They are things that are at a
lower layer than the desktop.  It’s a short time slot.  We’ve got all these
topics Braille, speech in and out, maybe we need another breakout.  We might
be more effective in small groups with more time rather than as short
periods for each with the whole group.
Janina- It seems like it could be done in that amount of time.   Bill, you’
ve moved this forward very effectively.  I want to review it with the small
Bill- I moved the summary to Friday.   We don’t want people to be burned out
for that so earlier.  Couldn’t put it on Thursday.
Janina- I don’t think we’d want it on Thursday.

Bill-  if one or more of our topics run over and rather than letting the
schedule slip,  we could make those topics candidates for continuation in
the open slot.
Janina-  we’ve got lots to talk about.
Sandy-  do you want to move the futures discussion to Thursday and free that
Janina-  let’s review it and take the fine tuning up in the small group.

Peter has posted the B list on his server.

Bill- we’ve got four Braille people on the list.  They have issues to deal
Janina- I’m not sure about whether an FSG process is need to get that
moving.  There are libbraille, brailletty groups

Janina- I think Mario will not come to the conference so we need to try to
get it in a teleconference.
Bill – maybe it is something we could do in a later teleconference, we’ve
got a full schedule already
Janina-  I think its useful to get some the these people to attend, they are
needed in some of the sessions.
Bill – we’ve got three Braille libraries for apps to talk to-  libbraille,
brailletty, Braille com  Which is not the best situation.

Janina - I’m inclined to invite them and not commit until we are clear on
where the money is going.  I done with my agenda.

Is it cheaper to stay in the hotel and not get a bus?
Sandy- we wouldn’t be able to do the teleconferencing from the hotel.  I
talked to several people and it would be simplest to get a big bus.  Others
may want to rent cars.

Janina- we are currently planning for the bus to leave hotel at 7:45 for a
8:30 start.  Is that enough time in rush hour?  I want to start the meetings
on time.
Sandy- how do we want the rooms laid out?
Janina- lets wait to the whole group is with us to discuss the layout.
Sandy- there is a group that does canoeing trips for people with visual
impairment.  They want to check to see if we’d want to do an accessible
kayak or canoe trip.
Janina-  put the information on website, people who are interested can
contact them.

Janina- I’ll send the next batch of invitations and will work on getting a
small group together on the agenda.  Hopefully, we’ll have another straw man
for next week that is little closer to the final version.  Okay, same time
next week,  have a happy Thanksgiving.

John Goldthwaite
Center for Assistive Technology and Environmental Access, Georgia Tech
john.goldthwaite at catea.org

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