[Accessibility] [gentoo-accessibility] Gentoo/amd64 2004.3-r1 Released (fwd)

Deedra Waters dmwaters at gentoo.org
Sat Nov 27 19:26:56 PST 2004

Part of the gentoo accessibility team's goal is to have accessibility
on as many of our arches as we can. This is the first step in that
direction, outside of the standard x86 release.

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Subject: [gentoo-accessibility] Gentoo/amd64 2004.3-r1 Released

The Gentoo/amd64 team is proud to announce that Gentoo/amd64 2004.3-r1 is now
available!  The following updates have been made to improve the 2004.3

* speakup support is fixed in the LiveCD kernel
* cpufreq support in the LiveCD kernel (powernow and speedstep)
* pciutils, usbutils and dhcpcd sources are now included on universal

You can find the -r1 release in the /releases/amd64/2004.3/livecd directory on
any Gentoo mirror.

Jason Huebel
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