[Accessibility] Agenda for meeting

George Kraft gk4 at swbell.net
Tue Oct 5 13:13:24 PDT 2004

Sandy has done a great job outlining the format for the workgroup meeting.


Below is a proposal for the actual agenda content for the meeting.
Perhaps we can start with this strawman agenda and make changes...

1. Review of Certification Standards Process, Artifacts, and Requirements common to all the technology committees
	A.  Documentation
	B.  Testcases and Testing Framework
	C.  Process and/or procedures for posting and review of required materials

2.  For each committee:  AT/SPI,  Keyboard I/O, Shared Devices
	A.  Overview of work to date
	B.  Review of any available documentation
	C.  Discussion of work required to complete the standard
	D.  Discussion of any issues with the current solutions
	E.  High level work plan, statement of direction, or outlook for 2005

3.  Updated A11Y Roadmap
	A.  Review AT/SPI, Keyboard I/O, and Shared Devices results
	B.  Produce an A11Y outlook for 2005
	C.  Review A11Y Roadmap
	D.  Update with the 2005 outlook from each committee
	E.  Alter, update, and prioritize future workitems

This make the general flow of the conference:
1.  Discuss and agree on items common across each committee
2.  Review and update each committee
3.  Review general status, produce outlook for 2005, and updated A11Y Roadmap beyond 2005

George (gk4)

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