[Accessibility] Minutes for September 1 Accessibility meeting

Harald Fernengel harry at kdevelop.org
Wed Oct 6 09:52:51 PDT 2004

> Do you have any comments on my suggested revisions and additions to
> these minutes?  I didn't hear from you about them yet, perhaps you did
> not notice last week.
> We are waiting for the "OK" from you before making these revisions and
> publishing the Sept. 1 minutes.  I hope these are OK, but please feel
> free to indicate any problem you have with the revised wording or
> anything you feel I left out which is important.

One tiny correction: It should be "heavyweight" instead of "heaviweight".

Apart from that I'm OK with the changes since our concerns about CORBA have 
been noted, although the details have been left out.


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