[Accessibility] Draft notes for 10/6 accessibility workgroup

John Goldthwaite john.goldthwaite at catea.org
Wed Oct 13 06:49:37 PDT 2004

Accessibility meeting 10/6/04

Harald Fernengel
John Goldthwaite
Bill Haneman
Randy Horwitz
Earl Johnson
George Kraft
Peter Korn
Janina Sajka
Gunnar Schmidt
Kris Van Hees
Matthew Wilcox

Minutes:  Any issues on the minutes for 9/29?  No objections, 9/29 minutes
Bill- corrections have been added to the 9/1 minutes.  No objection, 9/1
minutes approved.
Bill- if you feel there things that need to be recorded in the minutes,
please note them and we will take time to record the details.
Harald- this was a topic that is too difficult to cover in a one hour
telephone meeting.
Janina- it will be one of primary topics for our January meeting.
Unfortunately, Sharon Snider will be moving to other responsibilities and
will not be able to continue maintaining the website.  George Kraft will be
taking over the maintenance of the web site.  We thank Sharon for all her
help with the website.  Back to how to structure the meeting.  Sandy sent a
note to the list about hotel rates.  The travel agent said that a Saturday
stay over does matter in getting discounted airfare.
Peter- what dates did we agree on last week?
Janina – January 25-28 is what we said last week. That’s Tuesday through
Peter- we shouldn’t have to hold a Saturday meeting, we can do a short one
if needed.
Janina- we’ll leave it at Tuesday to Saturday and we can enjoy Waikiki over
the weekend.  Lets go to the group’s time needs.
Earl- the keyboard group didn’t discuss it further in the meeting this week.
We covered it pretty well in the discussion last week, so we don’t have any
addition needs.
Bill- we looked at some of the big picture issues at the meeting.  We are
discussing what the keyboard activities are beyond AccessX.  We’re going to
do a XKB subset.  The only user interface issue we will address beyond
AccessX is visual bells.
Earl – we’ve moved from and AccessX-centric to an assistive technology
focus. That is to make sure we can support AT such as screen keyboards.
Peter- we should also think about what is needed for other AT.  We know
audio is going to be important.
Bill- we’re just talking about the keyboard issues. Except visual bell which
has traditionally been included in AccessX (because Trace included it in
their access utilities).
Peter- I think a new group might make since.  Something like AT
Bill – I think visual bell should stay with keyboard.  But there will be
other activities that are needed beyond our 3 current groups and AT
Infrastructure might cover that.
Janina- what time do you need to work beyond reporting.
Earl- we’ve been pretty effective on the phone. If we’re not complete by
January we can finish by phone.
Bill- We are making good progress.  We may be encountering some things that
may occur for others when they get to this point.   We’ll soon need to flesh
out a validation suite. We will either have a procedure that we can talk
about at the meeting or we may be able tell you what the problems we
encountered were.
Peter- should we ask some of the Linux distribution people?
Bill- I’m not aware of any keyboard group issues that would require the
Janina- FSG process

Willy- some of our group have developed test suites and we might be able to
talk them into going to Hawaii in January.
Janina- George could you also think of be
George- I can give a talk on how to create LSB tests.
Janina-  might lead to what we can’t cover.
Bill- so many of things XKB will be testing will be timer dependent so that
Janina- xkb is non-controversial so we can look at implementation issues,

Willy anyone that could help?
Willy- if George is going to do that, I don’t think our folks can add to
Janina- maybe other things they could cover.
Janina- other than testing, we don’t have anyone to invite.  What about Mark
Earl-  he hasn’t said, but I think we could convince him to come.

Earl- one person who has done AccessX work is Jon Gunderson at U. Illinois.
He is the only other potential keyboard person
Janina- he’s also very involved with W3C on key bindings so we should talk
to him.  Do you want to talk to him Earl?
Earl- okay

Bill – breakout for the AT-SPI group will be valuable.  The issues will be
pretty technical so everyone wouldn’t want to go through the detail.
Janina- the agenda can stay pretty fluid up to the event but we can’t do
that with the invitations.
Bill- someone from Ximian–Novell and someone from Red Hat.  Especially since
we will be talking about future.  We need to design how we will move forward
in a way that is friendlier to the distro’s that don’t want to be
gnomecentric & KDE
Janina- x1 has had his hands in this code, s
We also have x2 from Red Hat.
Bill- x3 for Suse

Bill- when we get into discussions at the OS level, I think that x4.. he
hasn’t been attending US conferences for some time.
Janina- there’s videoconference
Bill – the more preparation we can do before the meeting, the more we will
accomplish so if x4 can help with that it will be very valuable.
Janina- on the KDE, Trolltek side how there is  x5.  He is on the list.
Willy- how about x6, he is one of the original X developers.
Bill- he will be very valuable on enlargement and on audio
Peter -  on audio 

Bill- don’t need too many people on xevie extension.  Some email will handle
it.  That’s not as important to cover as   
 x7, x8, x9 are some of the
xevie at freedesktop.org,  it is an X extension to inserting keystrokes at a
very low level.
Janina- on AT-SPI
Bill- others – x10 is involved on windows and composites.  He’s helped us
out several times.
Janina- we’ve got a couple of others to add.
Peter- do we want to keep this off the website?
Janina- yes, we’ll take the names off the website
Willy ‘s suggestions –x11 , x10
Janina- Gunnar have you heard whether you will be able to attend?
Gunnar – not yet

Janina- we need to consider future of input devices that will reach down
into the stack.  Next week, auto gen, wizards to assist with  magnific
Peter- for audio we have the principles working on ogg? and x12
George – I’m working on magnification with the aix folks.  The overlap is x6
who finished the on
Janina- who is he with?
Willy- HP

Bill – one of the big questions is what layer is text to speech?  Its
currently being addressed at several levels.
Janina- it may be outside the purview of LSB standards but its not out of
the purview of what we need to consider.  We need to see what things need to
be done in the kernel and then we can request that the kernel standard cover
it.   If we need kernel people to do this we should consider it for the
Peter- if nothing else the issues of what audio services – mas media
application service – we need to figure out what the minimum require are.
Bill- if we go that way,  we’ll need people from all the distro’s and
another day for the discussion.
Janina- I think we’ll miss a lot if we don’t consider this space.
Bill-  we need to constrain the things we try to cover in the first meeting.
We know we have problems on the desktop with sound drivers.  We’ll get eaten
up on this.
Janina- it is our job to cover the accessibility aspects of the problem.  It
’s best if we plan the accessibility before these are designed.

Bill- that discussion is deeper that we’re prepared to go.
Janina- the worst case is that we’d need another day.  It would be worth it
if could get it covered.
Peter- if we’re not going to cover it, at least plan when and where we will
cover it.
Bill-  I can go with that.  I’ve been on this discussion in a number of
groups for a number of years and we don’t want to touch that.

Bill- we have plenty of expertise for stating the requirements.  But we
should get into how it will be solved.
Peter- we’ve got people that have attended the accessibility conferences
this summer.  These people will naturally want to delve further.  That may
happen outside the meeting.
We need to schedule a session to get into the requirements.

Bill – that’s exactly what I’m suggesting.
Peter- do we want to flesh out the fourth group at the conference?  See what
it should cover.
Janina- that’s what we should do, then we can get into grant opportunities
to accomplish this.

Janina- important for the person leading the meeting (team leads) keeps  to
topic.   We want to
Peter- take an action to take our suggestions from the discussions and make
an agenda.
Janina- I will start working on it.   Next week same time and phone number.

John Goldthwaite
Center for Assistive Technology and Environmental Access, Georgia Tech
john.goldthwaite at catea.org

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