[Accessibility] draft minutes for 10/13/04 Accessibility Workgroup

John Goldthwaite john.goldthwaite at catea.org
Wed Oct 13 12:09:25 PDT 2004

Accessibility meeting 10/13/04

Doug Beattie
Harald Fernengel
Sandy Gabrielli
John Goldthwaite
Randy Horwitz
Earl Johnson
Peter Korn
Janina Sajka
Gunnar Schmidt
;Kris Van Hees
Matthew Wilcox

Minutes:  10/6 minutes approved as submitted.  Had a email exchange with
Fluendo over the weekend.  They will be releasing with GPL this week.  Can
you extract from the command line for those not using Gnopernicus.  He
suggested that you could use gstream.  This is the same tool that was used
at Ludwigsberg and the other conference?
Earl- do you think its going to be stable enough to use?
Janina- we need to take it for a test run and see over the next couple of
Earl- how about setting up a phone conference.
Janina- I’ve been talking to a group that has been looking at the Asterix
voice server.  If we can get a good internet line it could connect with
Gnome meeting or a H.323 system.
Willy- I believe Microsoft Netmeeting will do what you want.
Janina- we need to make this open so that anyone with an engineering
interest can participate.  There is a bit to go.  Whether we want anyone who
comes in on the stream to ask questions, we’ll have to discuss.  We probably
want someone monitoring IRC so they can filter the questions.  Obviously we
want Willy to participate but we don’t want anyone to jump in and talk to
the speakers at anything.
Randy-  its not to label anyone as a troublemaker but we need to keep the
meeting flowing.  If we make it too open, it will be hard to manage.
Earl- we have a service where someone access the moderator.
Janina- is it a service on a 800 number?
Earl- yes
Janina- we need to check out Fluendo
Sandy- talked to IT department and we have plenty of bandwidth.  We’ll have
to find the equipment.  We need IRC, shared documents, etc.  Want to find
out who is using Gnome meeting.   We’ll need a gatekeeper for each room so
that people can contact them if they get disconnected.   We also need to see
how many people will be bringing a laptop so we can make sure we have power.
Thought Fluendo was web conferencing but its not, it is streaming.  Two of
the cameras in the conference room can stream MP4.  Give me input on the
ways of conferencing that are accessible.
Janina- Asterix is a pbx server.  It will give us a point of presence that
would allow us to have x number of inbound lines.  It will cost something
but fairly reasonable.

Janina- exchanged email with Jonathan Blandford at Red Hat since they use
this facilities for their training.  Wanted to see if they would like to
sponsor part of the conference or provide resources.  Also if there are
other companies that resources in Hawaii that would like to sponsor.
Sandy- there is a local IBM group that seems to be pretty active in
conferences.  There may also be a Novell site here also.  The Center for
Disability Studies has offered to help, not sure what they can do but we’ll
Janina- I sure we can identify something they can do shortly.  Its good to
have a list of sponsors for the conference which w
Sandy- talked to local Alliance for Technology Access and they are not using
Linux here.  There is an opportunity to show how Open source can be used in
an accessible way.
Janina- I told Sandy that I don’t mind coming out a couple of days early if
we can do some installs and show them what can be done with Linux.  Also
Peter-  I’m also happy to spend an hour or two talking about Gok.
Earl- just joking, you’re just looking for a way to get there a little
Janina- I’d like to get some publicity while we’re there.
Willy- we have an HP office in Honolulu but I don’t know anyone there, will
have to look into it.   Is Honolulu close to the University?
Sandy- the conference is going to be at the community college so we probably
won’t be meeting at the University.
Janina – it’s an island you can drive around in a day.  Honolulu is on the
south side of the island.
Sandy – the island is triangle shaped with Honolulu on the south side of the
triangle.  Small towns, beaches and pineapple plantations around the other
two sides.
Janina- getting back to our list of names.  I sent along the draft press
release.  I don’t have any feedback from the FSG yet.
Sandy- I’ve done a little editing on it but haven’t shown it to the
Earl- the last sentence- live streaming via the internet is planned- should
we say that if we haven’t tested?
Sandy- I think we can get it going with the equipment that’s there.
Peter- live captioning

Sandy- we have budgeted for that
Janina- that would be a good use of the funds and provide us with a
transcript.  Thoughts on invitees?
Peter-  I put the list of names on the blog

Janina- we left off talking about magnification, audio, stack and the
roadmap.  With magnification in mind we named some people that do rendering.
Peter – its near impossible to do without some hardware.  Once you go to a
windowing system.
Willy-  large font
Janina- current thing in speakup group is how to use smaller fonts so get
more per.  You can set fonts and attributes.  But I don’t know where the
limits are.
Willy- there is a 12 by 9 but that may be Spark only.  But it seems doable.
Janina- we’ll keep that on the agenda.  Do we need more people with X
expertise to handle the windowing?
Peter-  I’m not finding the list of people from IBM.  I’ll keep looking
through my inbox
Janina- moving on to audio- I think its important that we cover it.  Bill
feels we shouldn’t go too deeply into it.
Peter- we should spend an hour going into the requirements.  I agree with
Bill that if we try to go into the details it will add a day or more to the
Janina- maybe we could begin some work in advance on the audio requirements.
Peter- there is some of that going on.  Given that many of the interested
parties are in Europe we should have that session first thing in the morning
or last thing in the day so it is convenient for them to participate.
Earl- if we’re going to be limiting time on issues, will there be a
moderator who will keep us on schedule?
Janina-  that’s my job plus the team leaders.
Earl- bring a loud watch.
Janina-  does this inform our invitee list?
Peter- it does, I’ll add the audio people to the list.   We’re not going to
get everyone.

Janina- anybody else?
Randy-  I‘ll see who sent the IBM list and get it to you.
Janina-  bios, boot loader, configure, text only booting,  input support at
the bios, output/synthesis, things missing from the boot loader, who else in
these wider areas?

Earl- Is x13 on the list?  He would be good on input.
Janina – there is also open source bios.  Looking for that one my next
Peter- how do we want to send the announcement?  To the list?
Janina- I’d like to get it out this month.
Peters- do we need to set the dates?
Sandy-  We’ve set the dates for the facilities as the 25th to 28th as we
need the 24th to set up the facility.
Janina- we’ve got a pretty good list but lets not close it out.  We should
get this first round of invitations out.  We need to block out the time.
Sandy- if people have strong feelings about evening events let me know.
Peter- its good to have some optional evening events.
Sandy- karaoke is very important here on the islands.  Its got to be part of
one of the late afternoon meetings.
Janina- Let’s look at roughing out the agenda next week.  Please look at the
road map on the website and see what we should try to cover.
A11y.org/documents   the goals document looks good.
Peter- draft of agenda?
Janina- I’ll work on that. Next week same time and phone number.

John Goldthwaite
Center for Assistive Technology and Environmental Access, Georgia Tech
john.goldthwaite at catea.org

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