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Kris Van Hees aedil-access at alchar.org
Thu Oct 14 10:21:16 PDT 2004

I am actually on the Y-Windows development mailing list and have been talking
on and off about accessibility.  The main problem I see with the development
is that as far as accessibility, at last count, I was the only one who was
actually interested in working on it.  A lot of bickering has also happened
about even the most basic elements of the design.

>From my own doctoral research, I was rather excited with the prospect of
working on Y-Windows given its design goals, but after observing the dialogues
(and participating in them) amongst developers, it became clear to me that it
is still in such an early stage that no one really wants to talk about
practical matters like accessibility.  There isn't even any real agreement on
what type of input devices should be supported and how (some people think in
much too generic ways, others in very limited ways).

The following quote from the mailing list (in the past month) gives a good
example of how things are going:

# On Wed, Sep 15, 2004 at 04:49:07PM -0400, Fred P. wrote:
# > To all those working on Y... is this project dead?!  
# > 
# > I see no activity on the pipermail mailing list excerpt since August...
# > 
# > Where's everyone?!
# Busy. Go away and be patient if you can't be useful.

That reply was posted by Andrew Suffield, who is one of the main developers
right now.  He's talking about the fact that 2-3 developers are rewriting
pretty much all of Y-Windows, and that the rest of the community ought to sit
back and wait for that to take place.  Others have formed the Y+ project as
a spin-off to develop it more along the lines of their views.

In all, my observation is that the main Y-Windows developers aren't interested
in accessibility concerns (yet) but rather want to focus on the technical merit
of the Y-Windows 'concept'.


On Thu, Oct 14, 2004 at 12:38:04PM -0400, Janina Sajka wrote:
> Anyone know anything about this? 
> http://www.y-windows.org
> Should we invite them out to our F2F? So they can "build it in" now--and
> save everyone the trouble of "bolting it on" later?
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