[Accessibility] January Topics

Janina Sajka janina at rednote.net
Tue Oct 26 08:42:32 PDT 2004

Goals & Topics

 1 To achieve consensus on those standards which can be adopted to
   support accessibility in the near term. The FSG's Accessibility
   Workgroup is currently preparing specific proposals;

 - Workgroup: Keyboard support (AccessX) - general preso, not break-outs

 - Workgroup: Accessibility API [AT-SPI]

 - Workgroup: Shared I/O:
	*	Braille libraries & common device drivers

 2 Agree on engineering research which must yet be performed in order to
   support all persons with disabilities;

 - Workgroup: Shared I/O
        *       TTS: consistent hw/sw device
        *       Cross-environment i/o management (with SSML support) based on current focus and
        *       automated event reporting--distinct from the following:

 - Audio requirements (1 hour - discussion to set requirements
   to support TTS interfaces) and also speech reco interfaces in audio servers
like jack-audio-connection-kit, esound, arts, mas, gstreamer, etc.

 - Magnification support standard?

 - V2 presentation? (1 hour, 2 hours?) -- URC libraries, API, devices
   V2URC, ...?

 - Other GUI/Console interoperability issues?

 - Boot, BIOS, & kernel issues (including accessibility i/o device support)?

	Console environment issues: Ncurses/slang/newt cursor handling, etc.

 - Installation, configuration & update?

	SMIL components and parsing mechanisms

	Accessibileity support in open licensed Java (gcj?)

 3 Identify areas where further targeted research is required before
   engineering solutions can be put forward;

	Voice Input Issues (including navigational implications--VoXML?)

	Structured navigation/document support (DAISY)?

	OCR standards

	Embedded support (beyond V2URC)?

Additional Topics

 - Validation - how we turn accessibility supporting technologies into standards; validation test suites

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				Accessibility Workgroup
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