[Accessibility] Re: conformance testing

George Kraft gk4 at swbell.net
Wed Sep 15 11:50:35 PDT 2004

> On a realted note, the discussion yesterday seemed to be 
> leading towards making Accessibility part of the LSB x.y 
> base specification.  My concern with this is that we may 
> need to depend on much more than LSB standardises today.  
> Does anyone have a clear picture of which components we'd 
> want to make part of a base LSB spec, and what their 
> dependencies are?

If you are concerned about the a11y dependencies being defined by the
LSB, then you can test this by running the lsb application or library
checker.  The lsbappchk and lsblibchk utilities will list ABIs used that
are out of scope of the current LSB.



If those ABI dependencies make sense, then they could be submitted
as requirements to the LSB via the "futures" sub committee.  The LSB
futures will qualify those requirements and track their inclusions.


However, I believe this activity is premature.  I would feel more
comfortable if FSG A11y had some v0.1 drafts to base this activity from;
otherwise, it is too speculative.  :-)

George (gk4)

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