[Accessibility] Minutes for March 30

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With apologies for my tardiness, and with thanks to George for
contributing his notes.


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Gunnar Schmidt
Bill Haneman
Janina Sajka
Mathew Wilcox
George Kraft
Pete Brunet
Randy Horowitz
Peter Korn
Olaf Schmidt
Norman Robison
Earl Johnson

1) Last weeks minutes approved as submitted.

2) Keyboard Specification

Earl held a meeting regarding the kbd specification, final spec in June.
Next specification will be v0.7
Second review starting during the end of May.
Earl identifying feedback for the specifcation.  
Working on finish up test assertions.
Who has implemented the functional spec?  Most everyone has implemented.

3) Nomination Timeline

Earl and George had the action item of proposing a timeline for
nominations and elections.  Here is their outlined proposal.

a) Monday April 4th to Friday April 22nd, take nominations and voter

b) Wednesday April 27th, post the chair and vice chair nominees and
announcement for the election to take place in 30 days (30 day
is required)

c) Monday May 30th to Monday June 6th, electronic elections to be held
(1 week minimum required).  

ACTION: timeline approved

4) Audio from Hawaii meeting

Janina had help from Stuart and Pete Brunet to clean up the audio.
The audio was lost for session 1, 2, 3, 4, and B.

ACTION: Transcription of the available audio.  John got a bid of
        There will need to be more than one bid.

ACTION: Janina and George to cleanup the Hawaii minutes webpage

ACTION: George to incorporate Janina's "conference page revamp" memo.

a) Reorganize per topic.
b) List person's affiliation.
c) Retitle to "proceedings"

ACTION: Top priority is to move action items for ATSPI and Braille.

ACTION: Final report is due 90 days after due date which is one 
        year from when the NSF gave us the grant.  That will be in 
        December 2005.

5) Certification

This discussion was laid over.
New Discussion: FSG Patent Policy Question

Olaf asked whether there was any FSG policy regarding software patents. This led to a spirited discussion regarding what our concerns about patents are, how they can adversely impact accessibility, what we might need to do and say regarding our open implenentations, and what policy principles we might wish to espouse.

Olaf will draft a candidate initial statement of principles for the group to consider, and will examine IEEE, ISO, W3C, and FSF positions in creating this draft.

Janina pointed out that this issue is one on which we will need consensus to take a position. We could not come up with a policy that was adopted by a majority vote because that would negatively impact our work.

George Kraft (gk4)
Janina Sajka

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