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Janina Sajka janina at freestandards.org
Wed Apr 27 12:33:09 PDT 2005

Olaf Jan Schmidt writes:
> Hi Bill!
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> Thanks for writing the minutes and for posting them so quickly. One small =

> correction:
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> > o: in general, yes, this is out of scope, since FSG reuses existing
> > technologies. =A0But where would you do this instead? OMG?
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> This wasn't my comment, but I don't remember who it was.
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According to my notes it was George.

My very rough, poorly spelled, and messy notes are attached. I'll
combine both docs into a better minutes for us shortly.

> Olaf
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attending: gunnar, olaf h, bill laplant, janina sajka, george kraft pete b,=
 catherine l
andreas, why the adoc to fsg
background with hpr, and accessibility apis, cross platform, both at-spi an=
d msaa, even within the same environment on docs, let alone environments
several major issues:
how can we nav struct content efficiently and effectively
how collect lots of info, large page, complex structs, list of links, headi=
ngs, without neg impact on performance
has begun a comparative doc on how various apis are handling nav content
bill h is this in scope?
gk in general, yes
few cases where we write from scratch
bh i certainly don't think omg
bh this has attempted beforeolaf: i think its related, if in scope, not a d=
ilution because related to what we do anyway
olaf: main question, what's the goal actually?
olaf: first was cross-platform api, that seems related to our goal of stand=
ard at-spi, which could also be cross platform
olaf: so if something missing, we need to know that
olaf: but if to create yet another and not on at-spi, but have a second, ma=
ybe that's a difficulty
cl: we don't want to replace, but add extensions for additional services fo=
r structs and content that isn't available todaybh: so if that's not true, =
i agree with olaf
cl: so we could discover there's little to do, some, or much to do
cl: we need to solve this cross platform
bh: that was the intend in at-spi
bh: so we should do a gap analysis and then we look at this in that context
bh: because if we can meet these needs in a timely manner with at-spi enhan=
cements, then this is very positive because =

bh: i would hope we can do it in that context
olaf: qt is supporting both msaa, mac accessibility, and at-spi via bridge,=
 perhaps it's worth getting harald
olaf: but that's just apps so may be that's different
andreas: this is critical for us and one of the reasons i joined this group=
--the need to define adoc interface in cross platform environment
andreas: we support all apis, atk, at-spi, mac, msaa, etc
andreas: the at-spi is the one i would choose if I had to pick one, but the=
re are needs not covered there specifically related to complex dynamic docu=
andreas: lots to do there and i'd be happy to work on this
andreas: one missing, we just wrote a paper for acm and i'll send a link an=
d i'm presenting it in two weeks in w3c conf
andreas: platform independent api and dom
bh: i suspect documentation and explanation issue, because we have a lot of=
 api in at-spi intended to deal with complex docs, but no api or toolkit im=
plements it
bh: in fairness, we don't have documentation in how to handle complex text =
using at-spi. that hasn't been laid out
andreas: at-spi is the most complete that i've seen, but i'd be glad to dis=
cuss more details the things we believe are missing and how to approach
bh: it makes me nervous to hear things need to be done, without knowing tha=
t we already have
bh: would like to see document examples, starting with simple docs--

 bl fsg is a good place for this because of pas and jtc1, q is what jtc com=

bl may be sc35, but there are touchy pol probs, some policy folks may from =
large corps
bl beware at the formal jtc/iso speace there are formal wickets where it's =
useful to know the history

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