Another draft [was Re: [Accessibility] Statement of Intent]

Bill Haneman Bill.Haneman at Sun.COM
Wed Aug 3 11:03:59 PDT 2005

Bill Haneman wrote:

> ...
> Not really, as at-spi itself is not a gtk+ library (and currently uses 
> ORBit).

Sorry, by this I meant "at-spi" is not a gtk+ library, and the 
atk-bridge shared object library uses ORBit2.  This doesn't introduce a 
'hard dependency' on Gnome libraries into the kde accessibility stack, 
but it means that the stack won't function correctly at present unless 
the Gnome libraries are present.

Of course at the moment all of our assistive technology at-spi clients 
require Gnome libraries as well, which is fine; the long-term solution 
would just move such functionality into the 'shared space' of or do something equivalent. 


> Bill

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