[Accessibility] Re: Q

Olaf Schmidt ojschmidt at kde.org
Thu Aug 4 13:46:49 PDT 2005

Hi Peter!

I very much agree with your statement that we should regard both Gtk and Qt as 
standard tookits. Unfortunately the LSB's Selection Criteria do not allow for 
this interpretation, because they say that the library must represent *the* 
(not *a*) "best practice" in the development community for the problem it 
solves. Standardising Gtk would therefore imply that the LSB considers Qt to 
be technically less mature, and of course I object to this:

I do not object to change LSB's criteria to adopt several toolkits as *a* 
standard. I only object to changing the criteria in favour of one of the two 
toolkits alone.

Another, bigger problem is that an inclusion of Gtk in the LSB would be 
interpreted by most people as adopting it as *the* standard. This is already 
happening. Every few weeks I hear from other KDE developers that the ISVs 
they work with have been told by Gnome developers that the ISVs must use Gtk 
because it is being standardised by both the OSDL and the LSB as *the* 
standard toolkit, or that according to the OSDL every distribution without 
Gnome is "non-standard". Of course the OSDL website says otherwise, but it is 
obvious that this FUD will grow stronger if the LSB allows itself to be used 
this way.

I know that the anti-KDE FUD is only spread by a minority of the Gnome 
developers, but it is a very vocal and very influential minority, so it is a 
reality we are forced to respond to.


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