[Accessibility] Re: Q

George Kraft gk4 at austin.ibm.com
Tue Aug 9 07:31:22 PDT 2005

> I know that the LSB chose license criteria which are incompatible with Qt.
> But this doesn't change the fact that if the LSB rekindles the GUI wars by 
> including a single toolkit, then this will loose the FSG a lot of 
> credibility.

Qt is a great toolkit.  If you believe there is a misunderstanding
regarding the licensing, then go to lsb-desktop and work through the



There is no reason why the LSB cannot specify both the Qt and Gtk
toolkits; however, what is ideally needed is a set of desktop agnostic
interfaces for those applications.  I don't foresee the LSB tackling the
"Gnome" or "KDE" issues.  The toolkits can be handled as a separate
issue from the desktops.

If Qt were to have better documentation and conformance tests than Gtk,
and the outstanding issues were resolve, then it could make it into the
LSB before Gtk. However, if some but not all the acceptance criteria are
not met, then it will just sit in the queue.  It's a matter of how
organized and determined the backers of Qt are.  The process is in
place, so take advantage of it...

George (gk4)

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