[Accessibility] Keyboard Access Functional Specification v0.71

Gunnar Schmi Dt gunnar at schmi-dt.de
Mon Aug 15 10:33:28 PDT 2005


I am currently working the relevant parts of KDE in order to make KDE 
conform to the current version of our Keyboard Access Functional 
Specification (v0.71).

However, it seems like there are some minor shortcomings in the 
specification which make my task more difficult. In fact I have one 
question with regards to the contents of the specification and two 
questions with regards to unclear wording.

For the Feature 2 (MousKeys) we have five requested functionalities (2.2 to 
2.6) that each have a range of values. How do these functionalities relate 
to the five mk_* settings of the X server? With KDE it is possible to set 
all of those, but I will have to extend the ranges for the values. 
However, I have problems to map the five requested features to the five 

Functionality 7.3 requests me to "provide a means of enabling the keyboard 
shortcuts for StickyKeys and SlowKeys to be turned on/off; turning this 
functionality off turns the features off and disables the keyboard 
As far as I understand this sentence it is enough to provide a way to turn 
off both all AccessX features and all gestures in one go. In KDE we 
support that in the dialog that is shown whenever a gesture was used. Is 
that enough for conforming to this feature?

Functionality 7.4. requests me to "provide a time-out option that turns 
StickyKeys and SlowKeys off automatically after a specified period of time 
without keyboard activity; invoking StickyKeys or SlowKeys from the 
keyboard must over-ride this feature."
What exactly is intended with the request "invoking StickyKeys or SlowKeys 
from the keyboard must over-ride this feature"? Is it enough to make sure 
that the needed features can be turned on again with a keyboard gesture?

Gunnar Schmi Dt
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