[Accessibility] Re: [Accessibility-kbd] Keyboard Access Functional Specification v0.71

Bill Haneman Bill.Haneman at Sun.COM
Mon Aug 15 11:50:23 PDT 2005

Gunnar Schmi Dt wrote:

>I am currently working the relevant parts of KDE in order to make KDE 
>conform to the current version of our Keyboard Access Functional 
>Specification (v0.71).
Great!  Hi Gunnar...

>For the Feature 2 (MousKeys) we have five requested functionalities (2.2 to 
>2.6) that each have a range of values. How do these functionalities relate 
>to the five mk_* settings of the X server? With KDE it is possible to set 
>all of those, but I will have to extend the ranges for the values. 
>However, I have problems to map the five requested features to the five 
Here they are, in 'xkb terminology', with units:

2.2 "initial jump" == action_delta [pixels]
2.3 "start delay" == mk_delay [millisec]
2.4 "initial velocity" == 1000/mk_interval * action_delta [pix/sec]
2.5 "time to full acceleration" == mk_time_to_max * mk_interval [millisec]
2.6 "maximum speed" == (mk_max_speed * action_delta  * 1000) / 
mk_interval  [pix/sec]

(See the XKBlib spec, section 10.5.2)

>Functionality 7.3 requests me to "provide a means of enabling the keyboard 
>shortcuts for StickyKeys and SlowKeys to be turned on/off; turning this 
>functionality off turns the features off and disables the keyboard 
>As far as I understand this sentence it is enough to provide a way to turn 
>off both all AccessX features and all gestures in one go. In KDE we 
>support that in the dialog that is shown whenever a gesture was used. Is 
>that enough for conforming to this feature?
Possibly not, because if you want to turn of the shortcuts without 
actually invoking one, you can't do it.

I do NOT believe that this requirement should include turning off the 
features if they are present, it should only enable/disable the 
shortcuts.  We should clarify this within the group, but I don't think 
one must turn on/off the features at this point.  For instance, if a 
SlowKeys user wanted to ensure that he or she did not accidentally turn 
off slow keys by holding the shift key down for 8 seconds, then it would 
be important to turn off the shortcut toggle _without_ turning off the 

>Functionality 7.4. requests me to "provide a time-out option that turns 
>StickyKeys and SlowKeys off automatically after a specified period of time 
>without keyboard activity; invoking StickyKeys or SlowKeys from the 
>keyboard must over-ride this feature."
>What exactly is intended with the request "invoking StickyKeys or SlowKeys 
>from the keyboard must over-ride this feature"? Is it enough to make sure 
>that the needed features can be turned on again with a keyboard gesture?
Yes, I believe so.


>Gunnar Schmi Dt

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