[Accessibility] Re: [Accessibility-kbd] Keyboard Access Functional Specification v0.71

Gunnar Schmi Dt gunnar at schmi-dt.de
Mon Aug 15 14:14:46 PDT 2005

Hello Bill,

On Monday 15 August 2005 20:50, Bill Haneman wrote:
> Gunnar Schmi Dt wrote:
> >[...]
> >For the Feature 2 (MousKeys) we have five requested functionalities
> > (2.2 to 2.6) that each have a range of values. How do these
> > functionalities relate to the five mk_* settings of the X server? With
> > KDE it is possible to set all of those, but I will have to extend the
> > ranges for the values. However, I have problems to map the five
> > requested features to the five settings.
> Here they are, in 'xkb terminology', with units:
> 2.2 "initial jump" == action_delta [pixels]
> 2.3 "start delay" == mk_delay [millisec]
> 2.4 "initial velocity" == 1000/mk_interval * action_delta [pix/sec]
> 2.5 "time to full acceleration" == mk_time_to_max * mk_interval
> [millisec] 2.6 "maximum speed" == (mk_max_speed * action_delta  * 1000)
> / mk_interval  [pix/sec]
> (See the XKBlib spec, section 10.5.2)

Well, if I see it correctly then the control structure for the mouse key 
settings contains everything _except_ the initial jump. According to the 
XKBlib spec I need to go into the keyboard mapping in order to modify the 
actions of certain keys just in order to set the "action_delta" value. Is 
that correct? I hope that I have missed some easier way to set the value.

> >Functionality 7.3 requests me to "provide a means of enabling the
> > keyboard shortcuts for StickyKeys and SlowKeys to be turned on/off;
> > turning this functionality off turns the features off and disables the
> > keyboard shortcuts."
> >As far as I understand this sentence it is enough to provide a way to
> > turn off both all AccessX features and all gestures in one go. In KDE
> > we support that in the dialog that is shown whenever a gesture was
> > used. Is that enough for conforming to this feature?
> Possibly not, because if you want to turn of the shortcuts without
> actually invoking one, you can't do it.

Well, at least not from the confirmation dialog. In the KDE Control Center 
you can turn off the gestures while leaving the features active.

> I do NOT believe that this requirement should include turning off the
> features if they are present, it should only enable/disable the
> shortcuts.  We should clarify this within the group, but I don't think
> one must turn on/off the features at this point.  For instance, if a
> SlowKeys user wanted to ensure that he or she did not accidentally turn
> off slow keys by holding the shift key down for 8 seconds, then it would
> be important to turn off the shortcut toggle _without_ turning off the
> feature.
> [...]

In that specific situation I would argue that the person can once start the 
KDE Control Center and turn off the gestures. In any case it is possible 
to abort the action requested with the gesture if the confirmation dialog 
is used.

Some user who does not need any AccessX features, however, might actually 
be appreciate a possibility to turn both the features and the gestures off 
from the confirmation dialog. In any case we will have to clarify it 
within the group. I do not expect that I need to do much (if at all) in 
order to make KDE conform to this functionality.

Gunnar Schmi Dt

Co-maintainer of the KDE Accessibility Project
Maintainer of the kdeaccessibility package
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