[Accessibility] What is and what is not Free standards accessibility work group?

Jan Buchal buchal at brailcom.org
Wed Aug 17 07:10:54 PDT 2005


I would like to ask what is the main goal of Free standards
accessibility work group. I will write now what I think about it,
correct me please if I am wrong.

Quotation from http://www.freestandards.info/about/ :

Today, the FSG concentrates its efforts                            
in the following areas:

+ Developing and improving existing

+ Developing and implementing testing
and certification programs in support of its standards

+ Conducting outreach and education
campaigns to encourage ISVs to target
the Linux platform, providing
technical support and resources

+ Enforcing the LSB brand with
compliant distributions and

End of quotation.

I thought these points will be the main tasks of Free standards
accessibility group:

Standardisation, certification of different candidates for Free
standards accessibility certification, as for example: AT-SPI, SSIP or
other similar interfaces etc.

For this it is important to create some tools and technology for
evaluation and certification.

However I feel that Free standards accessibility work group increasingly
tries to solve issues which are not directly related to this. Of course
I think that these issues are very important too but from my point of
view it would be much better to move the discussion about them to a
differed place. I am convinced that the role of Free standards
accessibility work group is very important and that it is important to
fully concentrate on it.

The Brailcom team will be happy to help according to its possibilities
and capabilities.

Thanks for understanding.

Best regards


Jan Buchal
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