[Accessibility] Last Call: FSG Accessibility Statement OnDevelopment

Robinson, Norman B - Washington, DC Norman.B.Robinson at usps.gov
Thu Aug 18 13:20:46 PDT 2005

You might wish to develop your statement such that it won't be dated by
change. I've supplied a version which I believe does just that in-line


Norman Robinson

Draft Draft Draft Draft
As of August 18, 03:49 UTC; changed by Norman Robinson

Statement On Desktop Accessibility Development
August 2005

This statement documents the plans and intentions of the Free Standards
Group's projects with respect to interoperability and standardization. 

The Free Standards Group standardization efforts are based on functional
performance criteria, implemented in open protocols, fully independent
of any specific toolkit or technology. Regardless of disability, users
should be empowered to choose technologies from any and all
environments. Our goal is seamless interoperability allowing the
integration of accessible technologies from different desktop
environments, libraries, or toolkits.

The current plan of action is to standardize on a set of interfaces
specified in Interactive Data Language (IDL) and allow for multiple
conformant implementations. As long as basic interoperability
requirements are met, this approach will allow for increased technology
sharing and help "future-proof" our standardization efforts.

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