[Accessibility] taking meeting minutes

Doug Beattie dbb at beatties.us
Fri Aug 19 12:30:26 PDT 2005

It is hard for all to take minutes like John does. I know I'm not that
fast, but I can generally capture the thoughts.
I believe using thought captures and then allowing updates to these on
the wiki would be a good thing. If a vote is held, then specific capture
of who voted and how should be kept.

(Sorry to be silent for so long and just lurking (reading the e-mails).
It's been busy at my new position and I am still trying to settle things
down so I can make time to participate with the group again.)


On Fri, Aug 19, 2005 at 08:44:26AM -0500, George Kraft wrote:
> I recently sent out my meeting notes from the 8/17/05 FSGA telephone
> conference.   I don't mind taking notes and writing down summary
> decisions and action items, but I do feel uncomfortable trying to take
> minutes in detailed transcription form.
> What I would like to propose to the FSGA is that someone writes non-
> transcription minutes, post it to our wiki, then others can add missing
> detail if needed.  I believe folks would be more willing to take minutes
> for our wiki, and it would cut down on email traffic for meeting minute
> corrections.
> I could ask the FSG webmaster to add wiki capabilities to our FSGA
> website similar to the LSB's website.  This wiki capability would have
> been useful for drafting things like the statement of work and the
> conformance statement.
> Opinions?
> Best regards,
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> George (gk4)
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