[Accessibility] *rough* notes from the FSGA meeting earlier today, 7Dec05

Peter Korn Peter.Korn at Sun.COM
Wed Dec 7 18:35:24 PST 2005


Attached are the rough notes I took at the FSGA meeting earlier today, 7Dec05.



   - Olaf & Gunnar
   - Bill
   - Peter
   - Janina

   - Minutes from last week.  Approved by acclamation

Three items to discuss:
   - Janina: started discussions in Canada for mtg. in '06.  Not enough
     present to discuss in any details in FSGA.  Janina will keep working
     on this (developer conf. and kernel dev. conf. happening late July,
     so good opportunity).  Perhaps brainstorm next week?

   - Janina: RFC from keyboard group.  No Earl, so difficult to talk about

   - Janina: to Bill: when to have an AT-SPI mtg. with Aaron Leventhal.
     Perhaps on 12th or 13th?  They (IBM) ready to do it at either time.

The RFC:
   - Difficult to move forward w/out Earl.  Brief list of things we need to
      - e-mail alias accessibility-RFC at freestandards.org not yet working
      - bugzilla use [Janina checked out accessibility of the FSG bugzilla,
        thinks it is reasonably well working with lynx, so assumes other
        browsers might also work]  Not clear how one can anonymously submit
        bugs.  <discussion about this>  Bill: you don't need a publicly
        e-mail address, so that kind of anonymous should be OK.  Janina: we
        want to know who is submitting the comment, because we would like to
        respond to them.  So *we* want an e-mail address.  But is a password
        needed?  Olaf: thinks George was talking about having an acct. for
        anonymous submissions, and then exposing the name and password which
        then everyone could use.  <discussion about hints to make this easier
        for folks - e.g. use e-mail address as password, or some other simple,
        insecure password>.
   - No mention of this yet on our webpage or subgroup page (accessibility
     keyboard team page).  Should be broadly/widely announced when the e-mail
     goes out to the various places/names.
   - Perhaps some old questions about all of the e-mail aliases, but believes
     that at least someone in our group is on all aliases, so we can do that.
   - Janina believes Earl had a Jan11 deadline for responses.  Does that seem
     OK?  Peter: risky to have review over a holiday; should have a reminder
     on Jan 3rd.  Janina: enough time given the holiday?  Peter: if it goes
     out Mon. 19Dec, perhaps OK.  If Fri 23Dec, then no.  Olaf: "midnight
     Jan 11th" means what?  Peter: guesses it means "before 9am Pacific time".
     <more discussion on this - needs the time zone to be specified;
      of UTC>.

Aaron meeting with Mozilla folks for AT-SPI:
   - Peter would like to be part of that meeting.  Bill suggests December
     8 or 9am PT.  Not expecting anyone in Beijing to attend.  <trying to
     figure out goals of the meeting; trying to suss this out>.  Thinking is
     that 8am PT on Monday 12Dec is the best time.

End of Janina's planned topics.

<brief discussion about the MA a11y meeting in Boston on 29Nov>

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