[Accessibility] LAST AIs before pushing " Final public review announcement"

earl johnson Earl.Johnson at Sun.COM
Tue Dec 13 20:19:13 PST 2005


A couple more things then the RFC ready to push. The RFC 
announcement email [below] has been edited again, you're welcome 
to send feedback on this version if you like.



1. Also, there is and "accessibility" Bugzilla at
	a. Not sure what this means. Is it that
	 "accessibility", "keyboard" and "atspi"
	 terms that can be used to bring up bugs
	 in each of these categories?

	b. Should we have 2 search terms, one for
	 the funcspec and one for the generic asserts?

2. http://accessibility.freestandards.org/~gk4/a11y/xkbdreview.html
	a. This URL points to the func spec, we need
	 a separate one for the test asserts spec also.

3. Other thumbs up from George needed:
	a. Putting your A11Y ready Comments page [and
	 frames] officially up [see previous emails]
	b. http://bugs.freestandards.org/ A11Y ready fixed?



December 16, 2005

The Free Standards Group Accessibility Workgroup (FSGA) works to
develop standards supporting comprehensive access to information
and user interfaces for persons with disabilities on computing
platforms which adopt free and open standards (such as Linux,
AIX, and Solaris).  The FSGA standards process is open to
interested members of industry, developer, and consumer
communities.  Obtaining public comment on our proposed standards
before they are finalized is one of the most important steps in
our process. Public review helps ensure our standards are both
relevant and complete.

We are now requesting comment on the following specifications
produced by our Keyboard Access Team (FSGA-kbd):

   Keyboard Access Functional Specification, RC1
	This specification defines keyboard access
	assistive technology features and the
	functionality an FSG certified platform must
	provide in support of accessibility.

   Generic Assertions for Manual Testing, RC1
	This specification describes how to validate
	that an implementation of the functional
	specification is correctly implemented.

Once these specifications become FSG standards, they will define
the keyboard access functionality a user can expect from  an FSG
certified computer system.

   You may respond through bugzilla using the appriate URL below 
or by sending email to the address below.  The prefered method 
for recieving feedback is via the web because it automatically 
logs your feedback in a place where it will not be lost or 
missed. If possible, only use the email method if you have 
troubles using the below URLs. See [1] below for guidance on how 
to Search bugzilla for other's comments.

   _ Keyboard Access Functional Specification:

   _ Generic Assertions for Manual Testing:

   _ Review feedback alias [if all else fails]:
	accessibility-rfc at freestandards.org

   Please provide your comments on these draft specifications no 
later than midnight, 24:00 UTC, Wednesday, January 11, 2005 <NEW 

On behalf of FSGA, and especially the FSGA-kbd team, we thank you 
  for your assistance.

Earl Johnson, FSGA-KBD Committee Chair
Earl.Johnson at Sun.COM

Janina Sajka, FSGA Chair
janina at FreeStandards.Org

[1] - Search on the terms "keyboard" and/or "accessibility" to 
call up a list of all review feedback on BOTH SPECS?  Visit the 
following page for more Help on how to search the Bugzilla web 

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