[Accessibility] Accessibility minutes December 15, 2005

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12/14/05 Accessibility meeting             

Gunnar Schmidt
Olaf Schmidt
Bill Haneman
Janina Sajka
John Goldthwaite
George Kraft
Earl Johnson
Peter Korn
Minutes from last week were posted to the list.  Minutes from last week approved.  We are not recording this week due to server problems.  

No brief items this week.  Janina is still talking to people about a meeting next July in Canada.  Funding is still speculative.

Issues with the IRC: 

Earl- Olaf had a question that we thought had been addressed.  We have identified all the names for the distribution.  We need final touches to set up the Bugzilla frontend for comments.  We have a Bugzilla frontpage.  Janina had no problems.  The problems looked like label problems.  It could be one of the servers being down.  The problems were going from the Bugzilla homepage to the substantive material.   George said the search terms were not in the database yet.

Olaf pointed out that jump functionality wasn’t present.

Bill- we should make Gunnar’s comments part of the comments on the RFC and make it an internal bug report.  Whatever the vehicle for posting comments, everyone should be able to see the comments.  Reviewers should be able to see Gunnar’s comment.
Earl- it gets logged into one database.  In both cases they should be visible to others, correct?
George- yes

Bill- just saying, the sooner we enter Olaf and Gunnar’s comment, the sooner its visible.
Olaf- Gunnar has more technical knowledge about the matter.  It would make more sense if Gunnar would summarize it in Bugzilla.
Gunnar- I can do that.
George- we just need to get SQL back on line.  
Earl- What else do we need to do George?
George- that is it.
Janina- how is the list structured?
George- it is a mailman accessibility list.
Janina- it would be easy to let people post to it without login .
George- we removed 13 pieces of spam this morning.  Doug and I are the moderators.  
Olaf- don’t care about getting the feed back but it might be confusing to others trying to post to the list.
Earl- In the request for comment, I did some regrouping and added some headlines, particularly on how to give feedback and what are the deadlines.  I need to put the urls to the keyboard spec.  With the exception of dates we covered everything else.  Anything else?
Bill- that’s a silent no.

Janina- do we have any expectation on when Bugzilla will be back?
George- I sent a note to the administrator but not sure.  No response back yet.
Earl- if I come out with RC 1.1 will that mess things out from the Bugzilla standpoint?
George- no
Janina- Is the due date Jan. 16?
Earl- I have Jan. 11 right now but with question mark to change.
Janina- we should be looking a month out with the holidays.   If we still have problems with Bugzilla we should push it back a week or so.  Its worth it to use Bugzilla, especially since we complained about the accessibility in Bugzilla.  It appears to be the cleanest Bugzilla I’ve worked with.
George- I think Stuart worked on it.
Janina- I’ll send him a thank you note.  George, are you in during the holidays if the Bugzilla problems continue?
George- I’ll be in other than Christmas.
Janina- do we have a email we can send?
George- we can reuse the one that Earl sent, with update.
Earl- I’ll do another update.

Janina- when to have the next meeting?  January 5th?  Everyone seems to be back by then.  I’m around next week if we need to have a call next week if needed.  We’ll hold the time for next week.
Bill- I’ll be traveling next week.  
Janina- any other topics?  None, okay.  Well, thanks everyone for all the good work this year and happy holidays to everyone.        

Peter- Andy Updegrove was at the ODE meeting in Massachusetts this morning and posted a transcript on his blog.


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