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Andres Gonzalez andgonza at adobe.com
Fri Feb 11 13:54:56 PST 2005

Hi Janina and all:

Thank you very much for authorizing my subscription to the list.

I joined Adobe Systems on January 2004, as a computer scientist, working in
the development of accessible technologies for Adobe Acrobat and Reader.

Between March 1997 and October 2003, I worked for Henter-Joyce/Freedom
Scientific in the development of JAWS for Windows and the PacMate.

Before that, 1991-1995, I was an associate researcher at the National Center
for Scientific Research, Havana, Cuba, where I am from originally. Published
three papers on applied mathematics to the study of brain electromagnetic
signals, and the underlying cognitive mechanisms (International Journal of
Biomedical Computing, 1995, and Proceedings of the International Symposium
on Optimization and Approximation Theory, Springer Verlag, 1995).

Last but not least, I'm the proud, sleep deprived father of my three months
old son, Antonio Miguel.

Any way, I think I gave you more than the quick one or two sentences that
you were asking for.

Thanks again,


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It is our standard practice to personally ask subscribers to briefly
introduce themselves before authorizing their subscriptions. More than
anything, this is our attempt to avoid spam on our lists.

Would you be so kind as to drop us a quick sentence or two introducing
yourself? Thank you.


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