[Accessibility] Re: Hawaii Debrief - Initial notes

Doug Beattie dbb at beatties.us
Fri Feb 11 11:36:06 PST 2005

Attached are my initial notes, nine items with sub-bullets.

Please add/fill in more details as you can.


1 . Need to make sure with providers that we cannot deal with WEP keys.
  . We purchased our own wireless AP/router to use.
  . There are inherant security risks, but we should do our best to
    make it easier for others.
  . We should ask for a single IP, outside the host network, to be
    brought in to a host system with dual network cards. Then create
    our own 192.168. subnet.
  . Doing anymore security, for us, would become excessive and cause
    more problems for participants.
  . This system and IP connection should have 128kb/person up to a
    total of 1mbps for 10, 2mbps for 25, and 5mbps for 50 persons.
2 . We need a second IP for a second system with bandwidth adequate
    for VoIP.
  . Bandwidth needs to be number of people times 128kbps.
  . We should ask the facility who their gateway/provider is so we can
    check on routing as this will make a difference.
  . Need to look at working into the PA system within the conference
    room with the phone connection. For 30+ people we still need to
    to come up with a technical solution.
  . During the breakout in the second room we did find that people
    in the room had to get close to the Polycom for those on the phone
    to really be able to pick up on the conversation. The room PA did
    not work. (We resolved via a physical resource manipulation and not
    a technical solution.)
  . We had issues with the distance when connecting to the IBM 877
    number one day.
  . Frank to take and provide technical notes on this.
3 . We need a second IP for a second system with bandwidth adequate
    for outbound streaming.
  . Frank to take and provide technical notes on this.
  . 1mbps for up to 2 audio only streams.
  . We did not come up with adequate tools for video conversion and
    theora streaming. We still need to work through things with
    Christian at Fluendo. With three layers in it things were to complex
    for a quick setup and use. We need to check this out and learn more
    before the next conference. We should do this soon. It will take
    some time. We need to get the v4l and theora stuff matched up.
4 . We need to verify the projection system capabilities and let
    presenters know. Most are still 800x600 at this time.

5 . Food/Drink was an issue. We need to at least have the presenter
    be able to have water. We should have the facility allow for

6 . Bus was great. If we had wheelchair accessible needs we could have
    had the bus so equiped.

7 . We need good Internet (Ethernet actually) access at the hotel.

8 . Budget concerns (Frank) We need to establish reasonable must have
    items that the facilities provide.

9 . We need to get the audio and video up to our web site ASAP.

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