[Accessibility] Re: Hawaii Debrief - Initial notes

Doug Beattie dbb at beatties.us
Fri Feb 11 11:57:36 PST 2005

I just received some IRC words from Stuart about the audio/video
files he may have from the conference. He said:

I have uploaded everything to the a11y site already. The first couple
of sessions needed to be transcoded, and I think Frank was going to work
on that.. getting that complete & uploaded would be the only remeinaing


On Fri, Feb 11, 2005 at 12:36:06PM -0700, Doug Beattie wrote:
> Attached are my initial notes, nine items with sub-bullets.
> Please add/fill in more details as you can.
> Doug
> -- 
> 1 . Need to make sure with providers that we cannot deal with WEP keys.
>   . We purchased our own wireless AP/router to use.
>   . There are inherant security risks, but we should do our best to
>     make it easier for others.
>   . We should ask for a single IP, outside the host network, to be
>     brought in to a host system with dual network cards. Then create
>     our own 192.168. subnet.
>   . Doing anymore security, for us, would become excessive and cause
>     more problems for participants.
>   . This system and IP connection should have 128kb/person up to a
>     total of 1mbps for 10, 2mbps for 25, and 5mbps for 50 persons.
> 2 . We need a second IP for a second system with bandwidth adequate
>     for VoIP.
>   . Bandwidth needs to be number of people times 128kbps.
>   . We should ask the facility who their gateway/provider is so we can
>     check on routing as this will make a difference.
>   . Need to look at working into the PA system within the conference
>     room with the phone connection. For 30+ people we still need to
>     to come up with a technical solution.
>   . During the breakout in the second room we did find that people
>     in the room had to get close to the Polycom for those on the phone
>     to really be able to pick up on the conversation. The room PA did
>     not work. (We resolved via a physical resource manipulation and not
>     a technical solution.)
>   . We had issues with the distance when connecting to the IBM 877
>     number one day.
>   . Frank to take and provide technical notes on this.
> 3 . We need a second IP for a second system with bandwidth adequate
>     for outbound streaming.
>   . Frank to take and provide technical notes on this.
>   . 1mbps for up to 2 audio only streams.
>   . We did not come up with adequate tools for video conversion and
>     theora streaming. We still need to work through things with
>     Christian at Fluendo. With three layers in it things were to complex
>     for a quick setup and use. We need to check this out and learn more
>     before the next conference. We should do this soon. It will take
>     some time. We need to get the v4l and theora stuff matched up.
> 4 . We need to verify the projection system capabilities and let
>     presenters know. Most are still 800x600 at this time.
> 5 . Food/Drink was an issue. We need to at least have the presenter
>     be able to have water. We should have the facility allow for
>     food/drink.
> 6 . Bus was great. If we had wheelchair accessible needs we could have
>     had the bus so equiped.
> 7 . We need good Internet (Ethernet actually) access at the hotel.
> 8 . Budget concerns (Frank) We need to establish reasonable must have
>     items that the facilities provide.
> 9 . We need to get the audio and video up to our web site ASAP.


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