[Accessibility] Draft minutes Accessibility work group - February 16, 2005,

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Wed Feb 16 14:44:59 PST 2005

Accessibility work group meeting - February 16, 2005, 

Bill Haneman	- SUN Microsystems, Gnome Accessibility
Gunnar Schmidt – KDE Accessibility, 
Olaf Schmidt – KDE Accessibility, Accessibility
Matthew Wilcox- HP 
Norman Robinson - US Postal Service 508 coordinator
John Goldthwaite – Georgia Tech Center for Assistive
Technology and Environmental Access 
Janina Sajka  -  FSG workgroup chair
George Kraft- IBM accessibility architecture office, 
Co-founder of FSG
Pete Brunet- IBM accessibility, worked on Home Page
Doug Beattie- FSG project manager
Peter Korn – SUN Microsystems Accessibility programs
Earl Johnson- SUN Microsystems Accessibility programs
Andres Gonzales- Adobe, pdf accessibility, was with
Freedom Scientific on PacMate

Peter- Adobe is one of the first companies that is
starting to support the API we are developing.

Minutes- no corrections to last Wednesday’s minutes. 
Accepted with no objections.

Janina- looking through archives – do we have back two
George- we go back to February 2003.  I can post that
to IRC.  Are you looking for email- those go back to
February 2003.  The meeting minutes go are in the
meeting manager also back to 2003.
Janina- I’m looking for a message I sent to the list
last year that is our contract from the Intel BIOS
George – you can wgrep the list and make a local cache
for a global search.

Follow up from Hawaii-
Janina- I’m about half way through the tapes to get
the action items.  We could edit some of the
extraneous material at the beginning and end of the

Bill- have we split the audio from the video files?
Janina-  not yet, Frank said the video files were on
the Freestandard’s server. 
Bill can you send your tape of the meeting?
Bill- yes, Will we have verbatim or near verbatim
Janina- yes, we will clean up the audio files and
store them for the transcription.  
I will take a crack at an overall page with a link
from the top page that is clear that it is an archive
of the material.  If anyone has any jpg’s from the
meeting, it would be good to put them on the page.  
Peter- I have some jpg’s and a video of Keith
Packard’s demo.  I think my camera tries to save
Microsoft format rather than jpg so there may need to
be some conversion.   
Janina- I am still working on the report on action
items.  We did have a meeting on follow up on problems
we encountered at the meeting so we can correct those
next time.  Doug has notes on those.

Janina- any other comments on the conference?  (None) 

Janina- on the election, could we have 3 or 4 people
serve as an election committee to manage the
elections.   We need to set who can vote, take
nominations, etc.  We need to have some policy on how
often to hold elections, when to hold them, what are
the procedures-
-	George, John and Bill volunteered to be on the

Janina- I had a conversation with Mike Paciello and he
will contact a couple of companies that might be
interested in developing validation tests and
certification procedures.  Norman is this something
your agency might be interested in?  The FSG procedure
is to look at current technology and extract a
standard and create tests.  With accessibility not all
of the items will be machine testable.

Norman- I’ll be glad to dive in; I’ve been involved in
508 for awhile.  

Peter- we need to be clear about what the tests are
and what the tests are not.  This 

Norman- we can’t certify things but we can craft
things so that we have accessibility

Janina- Earl, we have some new people today.  Earl is
the chair of our keyboards group.  Norman submitted
comments about the keyboard proposal.  After we are
finished with the follow up from the conference, we
may want to have a committee work on exactly what the
tests mean.  What does it mean that you have FSG
certifications?   We’ll need to put some policies in
place for the keyboard group.  
Norman-  I’m going through the material to get caught
up with the group’s activities.  It would help if I
could talk to Earl and make sure I understand some of
the details.
Earl- we’re working on what types of test assertions
for keyboard access.  We’ll have a meeting Monday and
you are welcome to join us.

Janina- we had a suggestion from Mike Paciello- there
will be a new AT journal that will be coming out next
month.  He suggested that we have the Fall issue focus
on Linux accessibility.
Peter- lets find out about the journal, we will have
on going issues that we want to discuss.  It would be
good to have a venue where we can publish over the
period of development and not just a one shot

Earl- a number of us will be going to CSUN so we
should see if we should have some activities.  
Janina- who is going to be there?

Attendees:  Peter, Earl, Norman, Adobe- Loretta Moreno

Next week’s call, we will have the action items list
and the hindsight review.  

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