[Accessibility] Accessibility Conference January 27, 2005 - Business session

john goldthwaite jgoldthwaite at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 16 14:53:37 PST 2005

Accessibility Conference January 27, 2005 - Business
session – Logistics and resources

George Kraft-
Specs and conformance tests need resources

Everything is put into the LSB database which is used
to build the test suite and written specification. 
Want to codify all the libraries.  Start with spec and
we need to know what is in the spec before putting
into the database.  We have to-do’s, we need to assign
resources to the to-do’s.  Need project management to

Linuxbase.org/~gk4 -  used Mr.Project to create GANTT
charts, etc.  So we know what the group has done and
what remains to be done.  Allows use to quickly assign
new people to work.  FSG is providing us with Source

Going to do bugs through Bugzilla.

Can do CVS mirrors,  will see a11yspecs in CVS list. 
Can check it out for a day or week.
Gforge.freestandards.org/projects/a11y  need to set up
an account.

Need subgroup project managers for keyboard, atspi,
and io then can roll it up every week for Janina. 
Some one needs to go into the IDL directory of atspi
so that automake and get Oxygen to create the man
pages automatically.  Need to enumerate all the tasks,
bugs and x so that they can be assigned to volunteers
to work on it.

Document format-  LC kernel uses DocbookSGML – can
start with a template for the specification.  Then can
just add paragraphs.  The majority of the text are
written by us but the parameters come out of the
database to generate tables.  So you don’t have to
edit the tables.  Need to write it down to get

Linux standard base -  Have specs for the core
information, then a document for each hardware
architecture.  We will likely have documents for each
language bindings, can then develop tests from them.

There is a ICADD-22 dtd document that will output to
Braille and text for speech.  It generates accessible
tables, tags for images.

Building Applications with Linux Standard Base, 
Prentice Hall:
Lsbbook.gforge.freestandards.org – 

Have php set up to do surveys on the website.
DocBook material will automatically become part of the

Resource management- chairmen or project managers for
subprojects.  Likely that the specs can be done by
volunteers but the writing the test programs are no
fun so will likely have to get funding for those.  Try
to keep names attached to all tasks.  Anything larger
than a man month is put on the Gantt chart.  The chair
and Exec. Director look for tasks that are not
assigned for anyone and then ask companies for

This group is putting together a spec that refers to
work for other projects such as Gnome.  Can list
interfaces, say their behavior is defined by this
document on the Gnome site.  Need their documentation
to be stable.

Olaf- if there is a reference to a document to another
website, it would be best to have a copy of the
document in case they change their website layout.
Stewart- yes, that’s something we do.    Intel site is
bad about create new chip specs.  If it is well know
stable site like Gnome.org, we feel pretty confident
about listing just the link.
Mike- I just read most of the DocBook and they have
taken the ICADD-22 out. They are defaulting to html
that seems to be accessible.  Oasis DocBook.

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