[Accessibility] About The AT Journal

Janina Sajka janina at freestandards.org
Thu Feb 17 08:24:11 PST 2005

Here is Mike's information regarding the new AT journal.

Having looked around a bit at the url Mike provides, I did not they're
running php, so there's some awareness of open source tech there! <grin>

Mike also told me the editor is a former accessibility manager at Bank
of America.

Mike Paciello writes:
> Janina -
> The name of the magazine is Accessible Content. Editor is Matt Vande
> Voorde [matt at accessiblecontent.com]. He just told me that the next issue
> requires articles in 90 days from today. Sounds like the subscriptions
> are taking off for the first edition. You can visit Matt's web site at:
> www.accessiblecontent.com
> - Mike
> Mike Paciello
> The Paciello Group
> Tel: 603.882.4122 ext 103

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