[Accessibility] eligble voters for the election of a workgroup chair

George Kraft gk4 at austin.ibm.com
Mon Feb 28 09:55:58 PST 2005

Per our 2/16 action item, Earl and I have reviewed the LSB workgroup's 
election process for a new chair.  We propose that the FSG A11y workgroup
borrow this process with the added clarification that the ad hoc election
committee will accept and filter nominations from the workgroup.


Earl and I received no other comments from the workgroup regarding the above 
mentioned reference election process.

At the 3/2/05 FSG A11y telephone conference, we should briefly discuss our
recommendation, then perhaps motion to form an ad hoc nomination/election
committee.  If the committee could finalize a candidate list by the end of 
March, then they could announce on April 4th the pending election, then
start the electronic balloting 30 day later on May 4th.  Electronic voting
would last a week, then the committee could wrap up by 5/18/05.

Best regards,

George (gk4)

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