[Accessibility] Draft #1 -- Statement On Conformance

Doug Beattie dbb at beatties.us
Wed Jul 13 12:40:16 PDT 2005


This looks like a good document. I only saw one small spelling change

On the line starting with "Conformance" change "niehter" to "neither".

Sorry I missed the call again today. I keep having meetings scheduled
for me to attend.


On Wed, Jul 13, 2005 at 10:27:15AM -0500, Janina Sajka wrote:
> Draft	Draft	Draft	Draft
> Version #1.0
> July 13, 2005
> Statement On Conformance and Certification
> With FSG Accessibility Standards
> FSG Accessibility Standards facilitate consistent and robust support for
> individuals with disabilities.  They also facilitate the creation and
> distribution of assistive/adaptive technologies and user agents appropriate to
> a range of end-user abilities and to ensure that applications and operating
> system services operate in cooperation, rather than in conflict, with such
> technologies.
> Conformance to FSG Accessibility Standards niehter implies nor provides a
> warranty, including no warranty of merchantability nor of fitness for any
> particular user nor any particular accessibility requirement.
> Although FSG Accessibility Standards provide technologies necessary to
> facilitate accessibility, they do not guarantee that any particular user will
> be able to use any particular platform service or application. Furthermore,
> conformance with any particular FSG standard on accessibility, and even the
> aggregate of all FSG Accessibility Standards, does not guarantee accessibility
> for any particular user or class of users.  Conformance with FSG Accessibility
> Standards provides a minimal baseline of binary compatibility to other
> applications and services which are required for insuring that persons with
> disabilities will be able to utilize computing platforms and applications. As
> FSG Accessibility Standards mature and become more comprehensive, and as more
> and more platforms and applications conform to them, it can be expected that
> platform services and applications will become ever more accessible to more
> and more users and user circumstances.  However, no single application nor
> service nor aggregate of applications or services, should be construed to make
> a platform or application "accessible."
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