[Accessibility] DRAFT workgroup minutes 7/20/05

George Kraft gk4 at austin.ibm.com
Thu Jul 21 06:35:49 PDT 2005

Wed Jul 20 13:01:44 CDT 2005

FSG Workgroup Conference Call

Gunnar Schmidt, KDE
Olaf Schmidt, KDE
Bill Haneman, Sun
Janina Sajka, FSG
John Goldthwaite
George Kraft, IBM
Pete Brunet, IBM
Larry Weiss, IBM
Cathy Laws, IBM
Peter Parente, IBM
Randy Horwitz, IBM
Peter Korn, Sun
Earl Johnson, Sun

TOPIC: Announcements

Janina reports we only have a partial draft of minutes from last week.

Janina reports that Nick Stougten from the FSG said that voting is done 
via national bodies. (We be invited to speak to influence, or we can
be invited to participate in a national body)  The JTC is meeting this
to discuss accessibility in Toronto Canada.

ACTION: Janina would like to block some time next week for Olaf's
regarding accessibility standardization with respect to Gtk and Qt.


There was a lot of discussion regarding the AT-SPI IDL being used 
with multiple GUI toolkits (ie., Gt, Qt).

ACTION: Bill and Olaf to work on an accessibility interoperability

TOPIC: What it means to conform to FSG Accessibility, draft #2.

Earl suggests that "accessible" needs to be defined better.  Janina
we need a glossary of terms...

ACTION: Get a conference call setup with Jim Zemlin and FSG
Accessibility team.


The full audio of last meeting is online for the moment.

Bill has a revised AT-SPI IDL posted online.


    The collection API for sorting now has reverse tab/flow order.

    The terminal API now can get the row & column in a single call.

    Roles set was added.  Do a match with a laundry list of roles.

    Cathy would like developers to be able to add new roles.

    The count parameter to give the size limit of the list returned.
    The count parameter is an in & out parameter that changes value.
    Couting is good to bound the size of the query.

    Bill added GetActiveDecendent to the collection interfaces.
    "active" is similar but not the same as "focus".  There should
    only be one active and/or focus object.

    ACTION: Larry asked Bill to give an example in repro-id in the 
    IDL documentation.

    ACTION: Cathy to post use case document for ilustrated code examples
    to be added to.

TOPIC: Keyboard Accessibility

Earl reports the KDB now has two parts: specification and test
They are be to released for boarder view by the end of the month.
Janina suggests and internal review before the public review.  This is
to be put on the agenda for next week.


George (gk4)

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