[Accessibility] Statement of Intent

Bill Haneman Bill.Haneman at Sun.COM
Wed Jul 27 03:29:35 PDT 2005

Olaf Schmidt wrote:

>This is a draft for a possible "Statement of Intent" by this working group.
Hi Olaf

Thanks for writing this up.  Unfortunately I won't be able to suggest 
any revisions today, as I am not in the office.  I'd like to follow up 
with you before proceeding further with the statement - I'll give you 
feedback tomorrow.  Again, apologies for not providing a draft to you first.

The statement below I think is basically OK but I certainly would like 
to seem some changes, for instance I think that paragraph #2 needs 
rework, and paragraph #3 would benefit from expansion and clarification.



>The FSG Accessibility Workgroup aims for interoperability between the various 
>applications, toolkits and desktops. We have come to the conclusion that we 
>can achieve the best results for accessibility by cooperating closely, and by 
>allowing the users to you their application of choice with the assistive 
>technology that best fits their needs.
>Some parties have suggested to endorse a particular desktop or toolkit for 
>accessibility, thereby focusing only on a selected number of applications and 
>assistive technologies. This would be harmful for accessibility. It would 
>force a rewrite of all assistive technologies available in other toolkits, 
>and this time could be better spend on improving interoperability between the 
>existing solutions. It would also reduce the number of applications available 
>to the users of assistive technologies.
>We will therefore standardize a number of toolkit-neutral interfaces. An 
>example for this approach is AT-SPI, a service provider interface for 
>assistive technologies supported by Gtk2, Qt4, GNOME, Java, OpenOffice and 
>Mozilla, with support coming for KDE4. While the current implementation 
>relies on a small number of libraries written by the GNOME project, we will 
>allow for other implementation using other technologies, using the same IDL. 
>The standardization process will also include bridges between the various 
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