[Accessibility] Two more AT-SPI discussion points

Olaf Schmidt ojschmidt at kde.org
Wed Jun 1 10:09:47 PDT 2005


After Cathy's lists seems to have been completely discussed last week,
I have two other discussion points about AT-SPI. Both are related to ktts, 
the speech synthesis framework we have in KDE.

ktts can automatically select a correct voice for a given language when 
reading out a text, so it is important to know which language a text is 
in. This information is provided by Qt4 Accessibility framework. If I 
recall correctly, then there are some cases where it is impossible to 
forward this information to the assisistive technologies when using 
AT-SPI. We already discussed this at the Unix Accessibility Forum which 
we hosted during the KDE Conference last summer. Peter and Bill said that 
AT-SPI could be extended to include language information everywhere. Has 
this been done in the meantime?

My second question is whether AT-SPI allows to get the complete document 
from an application, and only the document (without other user interface 
elements). I ask this because ktts allows the user to navigate through 
longer text that is being read out, using different voices for headings, 
links, etc. We have integrated this with our web browser, editor and PDF 
reader. Note that ktts is not meant as a screen reader or as some other 
assistive technology for accessibng another application. It is a separate 
application useful for partially sighted people and offers its own user 
interface. Nevertheless, it would be great if it could benefit from 


KDE Accessibility Project
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